Hillcrest Elementary School

December 3, 2021

Jammin' for Jammies

On a cold winter night, what is more comforting than a soft, warm pair of pajamas? The Salvation Army not only meets human needs, but tries to make lives more comfortable in the process. The Salvation Army benefits children in need, whether they are residents of the Salvation Army’s homeless shelters, victims of fire or other emergency disasters, or simply children whose parents have come upon times of hardship. In an effort to support the work done by The Salvation Army, Hillcrest Elementary School’s Student Council will be sponsoring “Jammin’ for Jammies”. Students may donate new pajamas from Monday, December 6th--- Wednesday, December 22nd . We are hoping to collect new pajamas in all sizes (infants to 12 years of age) for both boys and girls. Thank you in advance for making our annual “Jammin’ for Jammies” campaign a success for all of those who will benefit from your generosity!

Temperatures are dropping! Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for outside weather. Unless the weather is extreme (rain or excessive cold – 22 degrees or below), children will have recess outside.

For your planning, below are the dates that we will administer the PSSA’s for the 21-22 school year. As attendance is state mandated for these assessments, family trips will not be approved during these testing windows. Please plan accordingly.

Assessment Dates /Grade(s)

English Language Arts-April 25-29, 2022 Grades 3-6

Mathematics- May 2- 6, 2022 Grades 3-6

Science - May 2- 6, 2022 Grade 4

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The following children earned ROAR tickets for their exemplary work related to following our ROAR rules at recess and in the classroom, bathrooms and cafeteria. Congratulations!

🐾Hannah Flynn 🐾Logan Hedrick 🐾Martin Marano 🐾Ava Vento 🐾Jake Smith

🐾Holden Danay 🐾Patrick McMenamin 🐾Jakob Kleiman 🐾Avery Sands

🐾Caroline McCaffery 🐾Johan Joseph 🐾Luke Sacco 🐾Lola Baez 🐾Sofia Ogrizovic

🐾Justin Tway 🐾Anna Kovalenko 🐾Jaimeson Jardel 🐾Mason Groves 🐾Aliyah Chang

🐾Lily Sherman 🐾Vishwa Narayanan 🐾Rylee Smith 🐾Martin Fetterolf 🐾Samuel Ostrikov

🐾Caitlin Clark 🐾Maddie Smith 🐾Kole Grady 🐾Andrew Shykoryak 🐾Ethan Witmer


All Council Rock students in grades 1-8 are eligible to receive a free lunch if they so desire. A student receiving a free meal must choose at least 3 items for the lunch to be considered complete as per the Department of Child Nutrition regulations, one of which must be at least a half-cup serving of a fruit or vegetable. Anything less than this will be considered an a la carte purchase and must be paid for by the student.

Snack prices depend on the items. Snacks are now available for purchase during lunch.

Cafeteria Seating

Students were given an opportunity to change their assigned cafeteria seating this week (Grades 2-6). However, we were surprised to see a vast number of students opt to keep their same seats. Students will have another opportunity to change seats next marking period. As a reminder, assigned seating is necessary for contact tracing.

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As you may have experienced this school year, there are times when a bus is cancelled. In these instances, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need to know your new dismissal plan (parent pick-up, neighbor pick-up, grandparent pick-up, etc.). Please email your child's homeroom teacher or call the main office to communicate the dismissal plan. I'm sure you will appreciate this safety measure. We cannot take the word of a child in this situation or assume that the parent received the message in time or works locally to be the pick-up person. This communication will also alleviate the anxiety of our students and staff in knowing exactly how students will get home at dismissal.

We understand the hardship that the bussing situation has caused for families. Transportation is working daily on rectifying these issues. Unfortunately, much of this is out of our control due to the nationwide bus driver shortage. However, your help in communicating these new plans is critical to a safe dismissal.

This message is not intended for daily car-riders; unless there is a change in dismissal. In that instance, always communicate a change with the classroom teacher or the main office.


Attached is the form to be completed for Family Educational Trips. Handwritten letters are accepted, however this form is preferred. Please be sure to submit the form/letter at least ten (10) days prior to your trip, for approval. Please contact Debbie Kunzig, attendance clerk, at dkunzig@crsd.org if you have questions regarding this process.
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STEAM Activities

With STEAM education interest and demand continuing to grow, the Bucks IU is excited to announce they will be opening a Fab Lab Center in December 2021 in Warminster, PA! The Fab Lab Center will be the hub for STEAM education in Bucks County, offering educators, students, and industry stakeholders a place to come together to engage in STEAM learning.

STEAM Saturday

• Coding and Robotics - December 11, 2021

After School Fab Lab Clubs (each club meets 1 day/week for six weeks)

• Coding and Robotics - Beginning Tuesday, January 11, 2022

• Engineering and Design - Beginning Wednesday, January 12, 2022

• Making with Digital Fabrication - Beginning Thursday, January 13, 2022

Go to www.BucksIU.org/FabLab/Events, for details and registration.

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Hillcrest Elementary School has the Champions Program available for before and after school enrollment:

Drop off: 7:00 am - 8:50 am- will bring to classroom

Pick up: 3:40- 6:00 pm- pick up your Champion at side entrance back door

Please consider enrolling your K-6 student to our enrichment academic support program!

The Champions Staff at Hillcrest Elementary School

Site Phone: (267)-755-8974

Email: CH005017@discoverchampions.com