Summer 2K16

By. Olivia Muntz


One of the things I did this summer was play my most favorite sport of all time, SOFTBALL!

I play for a team called the Pratt Diamonds. We are a 12u team, we play in tournaments all over Kansas, and we also play a summer league during the week. I don't know what it is about softball that makes me love it as much as I do, you could say that I am obsessed with it! I am the main catcher for the team but I am also the second pitcher and our extra center fielder. We went to two states this year, one was the ASSUA state witch we didn't place in but we went to the Babe Ruth tournament/state witch is a 14u and we got third! We also won the sportsman ship aword, it is the most valuable aword the tournament gave out.

Other half

When softball was over in July, I mostly went to the pool with my friends! I also babysat my little cousins! I don't normally do much after softball but I did go skating too! I love to skate, it doesn't matter if I'm by myself or with someone, I always have fun. My step dad took e shooting, last year he bought me my own 9 mil so we went and shot that.

I wish

Almost every year my brother and I go to Idaho to see my dad and some family. But the past two years I haven't been able to go up there. Therefor I hav seen my dad in about two years. My brother went up there last summer but I couldnt, I had softball. I wish I could see my dad.