STAAR Vocabulary

By: Emily Howdeshell

Benjamin Rush

A patriot and doctor; Large supporter of the constitution.

John Peter Muhlenberg

American clergyman, Continental army during Revolutionary war, House of Representatives, Founding father.


1880's movement, favoring Banks and railroads over farmers


Legislative act referred for approval by popular vote

Laissez Faire

Let the people do

Red Scare

General fear of communists


Tax on imported goods

New Deal

Reforms by FDR

Court Packing

FDR plan to add up to six new justices to the nine member Supreme Court after the Court had ruled that some New Deal legislation was unconstitutional


A person who has complete rule over a country


A plan orchestrated by Hitler

George Clemenceau

French Premier who wanted Germany stripped of all weapons vast German payments for costs of war, separate Rhineland to serve as buffer state France<>Germany


Getting troops ready for war

Munich Pact

"peace in our time"

Los Alamos

Lab in NM

Atomic Bomb

Ended WWII in Japan

Bataan Death March

American soldiers forced to march to Camps in the Philippines

Omar Bradley

General of the 20th century

Vernon J. Baker

United States Army officer who received the Medal of Honor, the highest military award given by the United States Government for his valorous actions during World War II. He was awarded the medal for his actions on April 5-6, 1945 near Viareggio, Italy. Baker was the only living black American World War II veteran of the seven belatedly awarded the Medal of Honor when it was bestowed upon him by President Bill Clinton in 1997.

The Beat Generation

Rejection of mainstream American values