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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

It seems weeks like this, thank you does not seem enough. When you get to witness the work you do each day, it is difficult to put into words the enormous impact you have on our students. We are blessed to have such a quality staff and many more outstanding, high quality people. As the end of year quickly approaches, a simple thank you to those you see doing great things will go a long way.

Monday - A lunch will be available for all three lunches in the Teachers Lounge.

Tuesday - Coffee, water, OJ, and an assortment of muffins and fruit

Take your school ID to Culvers for a free value basket

Wednesday - Cake and Ice Cream to over the hump.

Thursday - Trail mix to blaze the trail for the weekend.


One area of review for the 2016-2017 school year will be whether to continue PrideTime in its current format. If the time is not being utilized, it would be better utilized in minutes in classes.

Summer School will be at MHS in months of June and July. This is due to construction on the Grayside roofs. Access to rooms will be limited in the mornings in the Wings. The plan is to clear all desks and window sills again as we did last summer. Floors and storage areas should be clean.

I will send a video for the faculty meeting. We will not meet in person.

The Make it Matter team has been doing a great job narrowing our focus on developing where we want to go as a school. We will meet again on Wednesday, May 4th at 3:30 in the room by the lounge. Every one is welcome.

The team of teachers has been working on our School Improvement plan for the 2016-2017 school year on Wednesdays in the room by the lounge.

The link above will be the document we will be using to establish our plan. We have been discussing personalizing our PD quite a bit the last two weeks. All are welcome for this work and there are notes in my office in room A103 on the whiteboard. Please grab a sticky note and put your ideas in the Parking Lot on the board if I am not around.

The Chromebooks the Grade 9 students are using will be tentatively collected the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. This does not include the carts in LMC.

AP Testing will take place over the next two weeks. A list of students will be given in Google classroom and Ms. Cyert has scheduled them in FlexiSched.

Taylor Mali: What Do Teachers Make?

Teacher Appreciation Video - One of my favorites!