6th Grade Newsletter

May 2017

General Announcements

  • May 3-4 - Practice Reading/Math EOG
  • May 9 - Progress Reports
  • May 12 - Early Release
  • May 19 - Rising 6th Grade Dance
  • May 24 - Beta Club Inductions
  • May 29 - No School, Memorial Day
  • May 31 - Social Studies Exam
  • June 1 - Science Exam, Lake Myers Honor Roll Trip
  • June 2 - 4th Quarter Reward - Airbound (tentative)
  • June 5 - Reading EOG
  • June 6 - Math EOG
  • June 7 - Field Day
  • June 8 - 6th Grade Awards Ceremony 8:30am
  • June 9 - Last Day for Students, Early Release

Language Arts

Mr. JBrooks & Mrs. Dyson

In Language Arts classes we've been studying word stems and how those aid in the understanding of word meaning. Students have been using graphic organizers to help them study their stems. We've been reading various poems to expand our understanding of literary devices and figurative language. We've also been working on increasing our use of annotations to assist with our understanding of the materials being used in class. As we approach the testing season, it's important for students to increase the amount of reading time outside of class to increase their stamina.

Mrs. Kerr

Mrs. Kerr's class is on a journey with Jeremy and Lizzie, who are trying to find keys to a mysterious box, which could possibly hold the meaning of life. Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life is our current novel. The due date for the 40 Book Challenge is May 31!


Mr. GBrooks

We love Geometry! We are moving on to the wonderful world of Geometry! Students are discovering how to find the area of objects with different shapes and sizes! Each day we ponder on our essential question: How does measurement help us solve problems in everyday life? Math EOG's are just around the corner! Let's finish strong!!

Mrs. Lowery

We are full force into our geometry unit. Students will begin to hard on understanding the difference between volume and surface area. Students are understanding how geometry is so often used in our everyday lives. We will soon move on to our statistics unit as well as EOG Math Madness Review game.


Mr. GBrooks

Our science classes are deep in exploration of Energy and how we use it everyday. We are having great discussion about how energy is created by using renewable and non-renewable resources. Each day we should ponder: How are scientist currently working to conserve energy and protect our Fossil Fuels? How we can play our part? NC Science Final Exam is coming up quickly!

Mr. Strickland

Things are starting to heat up! Our Science class has been exploring the world of energy waves and how forms of energy like thermal energy can move throughout our world. We will continue to learn the difference between heat and temperature, how the relationship between matter and heat is complicated, and how thermal energy will power our future.

Social Studies

Mr. JBrooks & Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith's Social Studies classes are deep into the study of Ancient Rome. With only a few weeks of this school year left we will finish with our units on the Middle Ages and Meso-America. This year has flown by and students have learned an abundant amount of information about the ancient world. I look forward to finishing the year strong and have enjoyed getting to know each of them.

Honor Roll Trip

As a reward, the Academic Boosters are providing a field trip on Thursday, June 1st, to Statesville Leisure Pool. We will be leaving that morning when science testing is complete, around 10:30 am, and will return to school at 3:00 pm. Transportation will be provided on activity buses. One of the major activities there will be swimming, so be sure to bring appropriate swimming attire (girls – no bikinis – two piece allowed if top and bottom covers entire torso), a towel, and sunblock. However, students will need to follow the school dress code to and from the pool. The students can choose to bring a lunch from home or order a bag lunch from the North Davie cafeteria.

Please return the attached permission slip to Mrs. Kerr by Thursday, May 18th , which is 2 weeks before our trip. Also indicate below whether your student would like to bring their own lunch or purchase a bag lunch from the school.

Permission Forms will be sent home on Monday.

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4th Quarter Reward - Airbound

On June 2 (tentatively), students who have not received any referrals or Fs during the third quarter will be traveling to Winston Salem's Airbound Trampoline Park and enjoy a few hours away from school! We always encourage good behavior and want your child to be recognized. Permission slips and more information will be sent home soon.