A Students Guide To Ease !

Tips From A Student: Zuri Poole

Did you know that 1 in 5 students qualify as clinically depressed?

In fact, 20 % are clinically depressed. The problem lies within the homes of the family and the way their guardian's approach certain underlying issues, and also the work load within school. Studies show that students have more homework nowadays then recent periods. In 1981, students ages 6 to 8 only did approximately 52 minutes of homework in a weeks span. In 1997, the number increased to 28 minutes.

97% of low-income students rely on school for Internet access.

It's a new age and most students depend on technology use for the completion of school work that is given. But it's hard when families struggle to make an income, and the schoolwork is piling up. Keep in mind that 97% of low-income students rely on school for Internet access, but 40 million students do not have high-speed Internet in school.

More shocking facts!

  • 30% of the city’s high schoolers are in risk of suicide due to stress and anxiety levels
  • Over 25% have given up or refuse to find tactics to deal with or manage stress.

Resources in your neighborhood!

Good ways to manage stress:

  • Stay away from toxic people, who tend to have a bad affect on your emotions.
  • Excercise helps reach endorphins, which naturally makes one happy. So, stop by your local gym for a visit someday.
  • Talk to those you know you can trust about you issues and who'll give good advice and handle the situation at hand well!
  • Get some rest.
  • Plan special leisure moments for yourself. Whether it's a night out with your friends, or crashing in you room while blasting music; take time away from homework and spend it doing what you enjoy for a while.
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