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Mt Eden Normal Primary - Information for New Parents

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From The Principal

Kia ora koutou

We extend a warm welcome to you and your child as they look ahead to joining us here at Mt Eden Normal Primary School, particularly to those parents who are new to our school.

We understand that starting school is a big step for our learners, and so it is important to us that this a happy, successful transition.

We are a large school, but we value our friendly, village community feel. We take a keen interest in each of our tamariki, both as learners and as individuals. Our teachers have outstanding skill and expertise in helping them to take their first steps into the new experiences and opportunities at school.

Our school vision statement is "wide-eyed and enthusiastic about learning", which describes the high value we place on delivering a dynamic curriculum, designed to encourage and develop a sense of wonder and exploration for all of our learners. Our key values - known as the MENPS 'Touchstones' - underpin our approach to teaching, learning and life at school:

  • Whanaungatanga: Community, Belonging, Contributing
  • Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship, Resilience, Respect
  • Wananga: Thinking, Inquiring, Creating
  • Manaakitanga: Kindness, Responsibility, Relating to Others

We include some useful links below, and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Alan Jackson


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Next Steps:

Rest assured our friendly team will be looking forward to helping ensure that their first experience of school is as successful as possible. To help them familiarise themselves with school, your child will be invited to attend a visit to their class.

Keep up to Date:

We communicate predominantly via email, so please ensure that we have details of this for each caregiver and that these are kept up to date. Visit our website for a calendar of events , newsletters and other current information about the school.

If you need to get in touch, please email admin@mteden.school.co.nz, or contact Hilary Edwards, Associate Principal at: hilarye@mteden.school.nz or telephone on: 09 6300009.

The School Site:

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Setting your child up for success at school:

Before your 5 year old starts school, it's helpful if they can:

  • do up their shoes
  • go to the toilet and wash their hands independently
  • blow their nose
  • unpack and hang up their bag
  • use good manners and take turns

To support your child's start at school, please ensure that:

  • they have a good night's sleep. We recommend that most young children should be in bed no later than 7 o'clock
  • you encourage independence (for example, don't carry their school bag for them)
  • you take an interest and talk about the positive things that happened during their day

Starting school:

In your child’s school bag:

  • lunch and a water bottle. Get your child to help you pack their lunchbox. Talk about what is for morning tea and what is for lunch. We encourage healthy, balanced lunches (no lollies please) with as little litter as possible.
  • the items from the stationery list for your child's year level
  • a school hat and sunblock during terms 1 and 2 (it's a good idea to apply sunblock at home before they leave)
  • their name on everything - particularly hats and fleeces/jackets. Show your child where to look for their name on their clothes.
  • a change of clothes/underwear if needed. This can be reassuring for a child starting school for the first time, especially if they are prone to toileting accidents

It is a good idea to pick up and drop off at the class at least for the first week or so if possible. Remember to keep goodbyes short - our teachers are very experienced at helping new children settle in! Parents must leave prior to the 9am bell.

School Hours:

8.30am: School opens (children may be dropped off no earlier than 8.15am)
9.00am: School commences
10.30-10.50am: Morning interval
11.55am-12.00pm: Brain break
1.00-2.00pm: Lunch time
3.00pm: School closes
3.15pm: Playground cleared (children must be enrolled in after-school care if they are not picked up by 3.15pm)

Useful Links & Resources:

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