All About Me

Paola Orquiz

Meet Paola Orquiz

I'm Paola and I love the color green. I love to read! My favorite subject is Math. I go to school here. There are 5 people in my family. I have chicken, goats, and ducks. I used to live in California, Denver Colorado, Roswell New Mexico, And then here(Lubbock Tx).

What being a leader means to me

To be a leader is a person that knows right from wrong, works great under pressure, and knows how to explain. To be successful they have to know what a great leader should do and do what a amazing leader does.

Famous Leaders in my Life

Leaders In My Life


  1. Get my Natural hair color back
  2. Finish my painting
  3. Start planing my quince.

Long Term Goals

  1. Go to collage

2. Be whatever i want to be (lawyer,architecture,etc.)

3. Make an amazing influence in the world