Preschool Newsletter

December 2015

Let It Snow!

Actually, my enthusiasm about the snow has only developed since I began working from home, and don't have to drive in it if I don't want. Although, snow means that I might (emphasis on might) have to wear shoes outside when I go greet the preschoolers in the morning :)

I'm looking forward to this month. We've go a lot of fun seasonal activities planned, many of them having to do with...(you guessed it) snow. Also we'll be continuing our work on patterns, focusing heavily on rhyming words, and mixing it up with some partner based activities. Social skills are so so important, and at the forefront of those, I believe, are those interpersonal skills. Working one on one with someone and practicing give and take. I love getting to introduce this concept to the preschoolers. It'll be fun to see how they do with some of the simple partner based projects coming up. Stay tuned.

Christmas Program At Spring Creek Retirement Village

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 10-11am

Spring Creek Retirement Village 175 E Calderwood Drive Meridian, ID 83642

I'm really excited about this one. On Thursday, December 17th we're going to meet at Spring Creek retirement village just around the corner from my house to perform some Christmas songs for the residents there, and any of your family that wants to come. They've got a really nice facility, with plenty of room, and it will be a great place for our preschoolers to share some Christmas cheer. Our short program (some songs that we'll practice this month and perform) will start a little after 10am, and then Santa Claus will come and make a visit. We should be done pretty close to 11am. Since this is a combined activity, we won't have preschool the next day, Friday, December 18th.

Holiday Break

We'll be off from December 18th until January 4th. Have a great break everyone!

Bad Weather

It's also the season for bad weather. Just a heads up- preschool will close of West Ada school district is closed. I'll send out a text in the morning to let you know. It doesn't happen often, but it for sure happens if I don't tell you.

Heres Some Fun Pictures Of Our November Preschool Adventrues...