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December 2012

Tech Tip of the Month: Microsoft Office Tips

We all use Microsoft Office products every day. Whether it is Internet Explorer for searching the web, Outlook school email, Word for creating documents, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, or Publisher for our innovative creations, Microsoft Office products are a big part of our work at McGuffey, and at home for many of us. The following link is a website dedicated to helping people use these computer programs more efficiently. It is full of ideas that may make your life easier or give you an idea of how you could use your computer in new, innovative ways. So, click on the link, find a subject that interests you, and enjoy!


McGuffey Middle and High School Teachers and Students are Tech-Savvy!

Helpful Web Tools


Use the following link to learn more about microblogging and how you can use microblogging to share ideas with fellow educators and create collaborative writing projects with students.



We all use Google for Internet searches, but Google has so much more to offer! Google Drive is a cloud service where you can upload, create, view, and edit all of your documents from any computer or mobile device. It is compatible with all Microsoft programs. You can upload your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, and more to the Google drive and access and edit them on any internet or data supported device. Go to and click on Google Drive to sign up. Below is a link with tutorials and information that will help you. You can also contact Mr. Calvert if you are interested and he can help get you started.

Google Drive

Web Tools and Mobile Apps for Educators

The link below is full of great tools, apps, and tips for educators to use to use technology in meaningful ways for ourselves and our students. Browse the site to see if you can find anything that interests you.

Ed Tech Tools and Apps

Mr. Calvert

High School Technology Leader

I'm here to assist teachers with troubleshooting and technology integration.

Mrs. Engler

Middle School Technology Leader

I love to give teachers great ideas on how to effectively use technology in their classrooms! I can also help you solve any computer issues you might be having.