John O'Brien

Professional Ceramist


John has a competitive nature to challenge himself and create new things that have never been seen before. For over 30 years he has pursued his pasion as a ceramic artist. He has built his own wheels and kilns to allow his knowledge in the art to widen. He believes that the versatility of the clay lies in the makers hands and mind. His throwing and sculpting techniques are his most advanced areas and are used in all of his work to bring out a new and unique look that no one has ever seen before.


I like John's work because it is always colorful and made in a different way every time. I like his ambition to create never before seen artwork making his work one of a kind. His glazes always work with each other and the object he created. He is a very original person and his work is beautiful and always thought out and put together in a delicate manner.

Original Work Done By John O'Brien


I believe that his purpose to all of his delicate work is to show the world that there are different ways to make beautiful art. He wants to create never before seen ceramics to show others that the art of ceramics is beautiful, delicate and time consuming work. To him his work is all about learning and creating new things.