Mrs. Rehan's News

October 9th, 2015

READ, READ, READ! Don't forget to put it into your October reading log.

Dates To Remember

  • October 20th-27th- Book Fair
  • October 20th- Grade cards sent home
  • October 20, 22, & 27th- Conferences (I will be sending home reminder cards next week!)
  • October 19th- Booster-A-Thon fundraiser kick off!

Reader's Workshop

This week we learned about using our schema to make inferences about books that we read. In the book The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear, they never show us what the bear looks like but we can visualize him anyway! We also started to dig back in to non-fiction books and learned that they don't only have to have photographs. Informational books can also have realistic drawings to teach us things!

Writer's Workshop

This week in writing we continued with our illustration study and talked about adding details to animals that we draw and also adding backgrounds. I am very impressed with their writing and can't wait to show you how much they have already improved at conferences.


This week in math we practiced finding combinations of ten. We used ten frames and counter to show how we can build ten in so many different ways! We even made equations to show our combinations.

Sight Words

Please work with our student on the following words:

  • black
  • orange
  • white

Along with sight words, it is always helpful to practice letter names and sounds :)