By: Megan Schafer


Secrets secrets are no fun

Unless you tell everyone,

She has 10,000 secrets!

Can she keep it?

Don't worry it'll slip,

She'll surely trip,

She's about as quiet as a roaring lion,

I'll find out, I'm trying!

She can't keep it in forever,

No matter the weather!

Her secret is ready to run,

Panicking while i'm having fun,

She can't hold it long,

I can tell'

Singing a nervous song,

Like a nervous church knell,

She has an infamy of secrets,

I would know,

Anytime she'll peep it,

Plan 1, it's a go!

I can see her sweating now,

bloated as a cow!

Iv'e done it now,

No need to know,

Why i've found out, wow!

So easy to make her let go,

Now the whole world will know darn it!

(Including the police department)

"Sling, squeak, scrap," the bars slide,

locking her up inside,

There's no getting out,

Not even a secret route,

Speaking of secrets,

She had a bad one,

But she couldn't keep it,

Not even that one...