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Does looking out the window of a airplane and seeing pyramids and the sphinx sound amazing? It's the amazing structures that brings people like you to ancient egypt


Cairo and Giza aren't just states of Egypt, they are part of Northern Egypt and Africa. In the Eastern and Northern Hemisphere.

human characteristics

Egypt couldn't be amazing without humans bringing polytheism. The religion of beliefs of gods and goddesses most of there structures where for the gods,goddesses, and the pharos.

physical characteristics

Without the nile river there would be no fertile soil. Ancient Egypt is surrounded by desert so they need the nile for water.


The economy has been rising by selling oil to other countries. By selling the oil the economy has been increasing.

human/environment interactions

without the nile river people couldn't survive so they built permanent homes around the nile river because most of Egypt is desert.most of Egypt population is nomads.

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