Tech Tool Kit

A Resource for FCS Elementary Teachers

Digital Learning in our District!

Technology is taking over! All over our district teachers are trying new activities utilizing available technology and getting kids fired up about completing work. The rarely spoken question, "Can I work on this from home?" has been asked multiple times by students as lessons wrap up and computers are logged off. The examples in this newsletter are from lessons in which the tech department assisted or where classes were "caught in the act" of being techie!

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If You Haven't Already...Give These Resources A Try

A Google A Day

A new puzzle to solve each day - only one right answer but many ways to find it.

Khan Academy

Use Khan Academy's videos and online practice problems to reinforce your teaching. Either in the computer lab or on your chromebooks, students can watch and re-watch videos on relevant skills. If you have them sign in, you can track their progress. This is an excellent way to build in digital learning and to recognize intervention opportunities!


This tool curates pictures from illustrators and animators and allows students to create new stories to go along with them.

Karen Blake - Franklin County - Instructional Technology Facilitator

Contact me through a technology request or through e-mail if you would like to collaborate in any way. If you are doing some awesome digital activities with your students, please send me a pic and a short explanation of the lesson. If you have resources that you have found that work well in your classroom, please share as well!