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Week of September 19, 2016

Coming Home

When you think about coming home, what comes to mind? For me, I love the fact that my mom always has warm homemade Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies waiting. Dad has been working in the yard making it look perfect. Music is blaring from the porch speakers (usually Michael Buble…my favorite), and he has the bubble machine going (yes, you read that right). It’s as though they are expecting someone really important. When our family arrives, both Mom and Dad race out to the car to greet us. The house is sparkling, dinner is cooking (usually something fried), and the beds are prepared with fresh linens. We all feel so special.

I asked Tina Barnes what she loves about coming home. She said she loves that she feels a part of a large group of people who love and support her unconditionally. She said, "It's really more than a feeling. It's about belonging." Jason Payne said that he loves coming home because it gives him a sense of pride. He said, "My parents are so proud of what I've accomplished, but for me, it's about giving back and making them proud." He said if his mom knows he's coming, she'll make his favorite fried chicken in the old family cast iron skillet that seasons it just right. He also riding around the family ranch with his dad in his Ford one-ton truck. The truck smells of his dad's Old Spice and the visits with his dad are priceless. Jason stated, "Coming home is about being proud from where you came from." When we come home we feel loved, we feel comforted, we feel important, we feel pride.

This week we celebrate Homecoming. While homecoming at Cleburne High School is filled with rich traditions, spirit days, pep rallies, bon fire, parade, mums, and lots of excitement, I’d like for us to reflect on what homecoming means to some our our students. Many are fortunate to have a home that provides lots of hugs, support, and structure for the family. For some kids, however, coming home unfortunately means being greeted with chaos. For others, it’s filled with nothingness…an empty house with two working parents. Many of our students don’t even get home until late in the evening, because they work long hours to provide for their families. Coming home for some means wondering if there is electricity, water, or food in the pantry. And some of our students don't even have a place to call home.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve visited with kids in our school that come from different homes. One student in particular moved to Cleburne from Hidalgo, Mexico in June. As he began to open up about his move, I learned that his brother and father are here, but his mom is still in Mexico. His eyes welled up as he told me his story. Different country, different language, making new friends. What does coming home look like for him?

One student told me that his dad had been shot a few years ago, and his mom rarely contacts him. He lives with his grandmother. His mom is a crack addict. He is a burn victim. He doesn't like to go home in the afternoons because he doesn't have a life like everyone else. He struggles with depression and finds it difficult to have any hope for his future. What does coming home look like for him?

Another student told me she doesn’t even know her dad and her mom is out of work. In fact, she’s been out of work for over four years. She was in my office for dress code. She only had two pairs of jeans…both of which were ripped. Her mom has no money to buy clothes. Her twelve-year old brother needs shoes. She’s failing several of her classes. She can’t stay for tutorials because their family has no transportation. She broke down. Tears flowing. No hope. What does coming home look like for her?

My point is this. We can be a home for these kids. We can make every day a celebratory homecoming for these babies. Cleburne High School takes pride in being family. Let us not lose sight of what is most important for our students. Let us continue to love on them like they’re our own. Let us continue to feed them when they are hungry. Let us continue to build them up when they are down. And let us continue to make them feel important as we show them we care and daily offer them a homecoming they will never forget.

Important Dates to KNOW


Monday: 9/19/16

504 meetings (Lib conf) - 8:00-12:00

Junior Pride Meeting (Room 105) - 7:15-8:00 am

Forethought/Edlio Training (Lib comp lab) - all day (except 5th & 6th per)

Senior Meetings with counselors (Counselors office) - all day

School Board Meeting (CISD Board Room) - 7:30 pm

Tuesday: 9/20/16

504 meetings (Lib conf) - 8:00-12:00

Senior Meetings with counselors (Counselors office) - all day

Voting for Homecoming Queen (Cafeteria) - during lunches

CHS Tennis Varsity @ Burleson - 4:00-7:00 pm

CHS Volleyball - JV & 9A @ Arlington Seguin - 5:30-6:30 pm

CHS Volleyball - Varsity & 9B @ Arlington Seguin

Wednesday: 9/21/16
504 meetings (Lib conf) - 8:00-12:00

Senior Meetings with counselors (Counselors office) - all day
Voting for Homecoming Queen (Cafeteria) - during lunches

CHS Tennis - JV vs Burleson @ CHS - 4:00-7:00 pm

Jacket Swim Meet vs Burleson & Crowly (Spash Station) - 5:00-7:00 pm

Thursday: 9/22/16

504 meetings (Lib conf) - 8:00-12:00

Senior Meetings with counselors (Counselors office) - all day

Yearbook Photos (underclassmen) - during history classes
Tennis - JV @ Arlington Seguin @ CHS - 4:00-7:00 pm

CHS Freshmen FB vs Everman @ Jacket Stadium - 5:30-7:30 pm

CHS JV FB @ Everman - 6:00-8:00 pm

Homecoming Parade (CHS) - 6:30 pm

Community Pep Rally/Bon Fire (CHS) - 8:00 pm

Friday: 9/23/16
T-TESS Goals are due today!

CHS Golf Gold Team Tournament @ Pecan Valley Golf Course

Jostens make up ring order for juniors

Senior Meetings with counselors (Counselors office) - all day

CHS Homecoming Pep Rally (Gym) - 8:46-9:16 am

CHS Alumni Brunch (Library) - 9:30-10:30 am

Anime Club (Lyceum) - 4:00-5:30 pm

CHS Volleyball - Varsity & 9B vs Everman @ CHS - 4:30-5:30 pm

CHS Volleyball - JV & 9A vs Everman @ CHS - 5:30-6:30 pm

Homecoming Pre-Game @ Jacket Stadium - 7:00 pm

Homecoming Game @ Jacket Stadium - 7:30 pm

Homecoming Dance @ CHS Cafeteria - 10:00-12:00 pm

Saturday: 9/24/16

CHS Golf Gold Team Tournament @ Pecan Valley Golf Course

CHS Cross Country @ Southwest Christian Invitational


9/26/16 - Campus Modular Tech Training - all day (Library Computer Lab)
9/28/16 - Make-up Campus Modular Tech Training - all day (Library Computer Lab)

9/29/16 - Staff Meetings during conference/lunch/PLC (Library)

10/1/16 - Cleburne Chamber of Commerce Business Expo (Cleburne Conference Ctr)

10/1/16 - ESL Supplemental Certification Training (Central Office)
10/7/16 - Parent Conference Day

10/8/16 - ESL Supplemental Certification Training (Central Office)
11/5/16 - SAT Test


9/20/16 - Eric Park (Social Studies)

9/20/16 - Kerri Abbott (SRO)

9/24/16 - Patricia Flores (Cafeteria)

9/25/16 - Traci Buntaine (ELL)

Things to do this week to GROW your students and GROW professionally

1. Forethought & Edlio Training on Monday, Sept. 19th

2. T-TESS Goals due Sept. 23

3. Lesson Plans due in Eduphoria by 8:00 am every Monday

4. Welcome students by shaking their hands at classroom door


Monday 9/19/16

Dress up theme: Sports / Jersey

Tuesday 9/20/16

Dress up theme: Twin Day

Vote for HOCO Queen (lunches)

Wednesday 9/21/16

Dress up theme: Decades

  • Freshmen - 50s
  • Sophomores - 60s
  • Juniors - 70s
  • Seniors - 80s
Vote for HOCO Queen (lunches)

Thursday 9/22/16

Dress up theme: Circus / Animal Day

6:30 pm - Parade

7:30 pm - Community Pep Rally

8:00 pm - Bonfire

Friday 9/23/16

Dress up theme: Gold & Black

8:46 am - Pep Rally

7:00 pm - Pre-Game

7:30 pm - Homecoming Game

10:00 pm - Homecoming Dance (PE Gym - $5.00)

Good Stuff

  • Buzz Run was a great success! Thanks to Coach King and Coach Johnson for doing a super job to prepare!
  • CHS Fall Musical of Hairspray Jr is making great progress preparing for November show!
  • Discipline referrals are down 44% compared to this time last year! Thank you for capturing kids hearts!!!
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