The Westing Game BY: Ellen Raskin

Josie-Joe Ford

If you do not know J.J. ford she is Judge J.J. Ford.

Age= 42

Education= columbia; law degree, Harvard.

Jobs= Assistant district attorney. Judge: family court, state supreme court, appellate division.

Westing connection= My mom was a servent in the Westing house when I was little, and my father worked for the rail road. On his days of he would garden. So when i was young I live in the Westing house.

Education financed by Sam Westing. Debt never repaid.



Title- My way Singer- Frank Sinatra

The reason I chose this is because J.J. does things her way and thats how she became so successful in life. Also the part of the song that says I have traveld each and every highway, I think of it as an medafor- I have learned everything I can learn.

Key passage 1

She would have to hire a detective, a very private detective, who had not been associated with her in her practice or in court. J.J. Ford flipped through the Yellow Pages to Investigators - Private.

"Good grief!" Her finger stopped near the top of the list. Was it a coincidence or dumb luck? Or was she playing right into Sam Westing's hand?

Pg 71

I chose this passage because it show that JJ. Ford is very intelligent and is highering a private detective to help with the Westing Game

Key passage 2

"May I have everyone's attention? Thank you. Please listen carefully to what I have to say."

" We found the answer to Sam Westing's puzzle, now what are we going to do? Remember: We have no evidence of any kind against this unfortunate woman. We don't even have proof that Sam westing was murdered." "Can we accuse an innocent women of a murder that has never been proved? Crow is our neighbor and our helper. Can we condemn her to a life imprisonment just to satisfy our own greed? For money promised in an improbable and illegal will? If so, we are guilty for far greater crime is that her name appears in a song. Our crime would be selling-yes, I said selling, selling for profit the life of an innocent, helpless human being."

The judge paused to let her words sink in, them she turned to her partner. Her voice hardened. "As for the master of this victorious game..." she paused. What's happening to him? "Uh--uh----UHHHH!" Sandy's hans flew to his throat. He struggled to his feet, red faces and gasping, and crashed to the ground.

page 151

I chose this because this shows how when J.J. Ford figures out that Sandy is Sam Westing she goes to say it and then i "dies". This also shows how intelligent J.J. is because she is protecting the former wife of Sam Westing.

internal conflict

My internal conflict is that I am paranoid about Sam Westing, and I want to protect who ever he is "out to get" by standing by them and keeping an eye on them at all times.