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13 March 2019


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LENT 2019

Lent offers us all a very special opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and to deepen our commitment to a way of life, founded in our baptism. In our busy world, Lent provides us with the chance to reflect upon our patterns, to pray more deeply, experience sorrow for what we've done and failed to do, and to be generous to those in need. On Wednesday it was wonderful to see our students distributing the Ashes to signify the start to Lent. Our students are our Church's future and to see the senior students lead the Ash Wednesday liturgies was indeed a sacred moment.

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INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WOMEN - honouring the women and girls in our lives

We all have inspiring women in our lives who have impacted us by their example, their compassion and determination to make the world a better place. The UN Women website invited us on International Women’s Day to celebrate women and girls, their limitless imagination, their joyous dreams and their boundless strength.

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Achieving a gender-equal world requires social innovations that work for both women and men and leave no one behind. From urban planning that focuses on community safety to e-learning platforms that take classrooms to women and girls across the world, focussing innovation on gender equality is the key. Globally there is a long journey ahead but raising awareness around bias and spending time reflecting on how we can celebrate and value the contributions of women and girls is a vital practice.

PRENDIFEST - a joyous celebration of community

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The positive impact of our Parents and Friends was so evident on Friday night. The Prendifest event certainly lived up to the mission of the Parents and Friends which has a distinct focus on community building, engagement and involvement. Friday's enjoyable community event is a result of many hours of commitment over a long period of time. At the heart has been a core of very committed ladies. Key leadership of our Parents and Friends group is provided by the amazing Denny Piovesan, Jo Lewis, Sam Lenaghan and Yvonne Hawke who coordinated the event with passion and flair.

The event was also supported internally by our newly formed Community Engagement team of Stephanie Davies, Catherine Kolomyjec and Director of Community Engagement Mike Nicholas. This was the team's first major community event and a big thank you and well done for the support given to the Parent and Friends team to host such a big event.

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Thank you also to our very supportive grounds team, in particular Craig, Neil and Tom for their patience, help and support to ensuring all the practical issues are attended to.


A special part of Prendifest was the opportunity to formally recognise the naming of our ovals. The power of the College Identity project to name our buildings and spaces was certainly felt at the Prendifest. The character of the two Prendivillians in Matt Priddis and Mike Hussey was evident as both men and their families showed humility and genuine joy at having the ovals named in their honour.

The two plaques highlight in Matt and Mike's own words how they can inspire everyone in our community.

Matt Priddis: Lead with respect, humility and hardwork

Mike Hussey: Inspire with high standards, family values and community spirit.
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It was also special to have Helen Hussey, mother of Mike and wife of the late Ted Hussey. The Hussey family were one of the first families at the 32-year-old school. Ted and Helen were very big contributors to the College in its early years. Ted worked closely with Terry Raphael as a member of the College Board and set the College on a positive path of future development. Helen was a great supporter through the Parents and Friends group of that same era.

Mike shared that “It was a really small community so we felt like a small team working together,” Hussey said. “There was no oval so just made do with what we had… and that included dodging ticks and snakes on our runs through the bush". It was wonderful to see Terry and Helen share stories together about their times in the early years at Prendiville.

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Another special reunion was that of Michelle Colfar and Matt Priddis. Michelle was Matt's PCG teacher when he was at school. Matt shared how special this time was and how committed Michelle was as his Pastoral Care Group Teacher. Matt shared “Prendiville made me think about what I stand for as a person and the choices I make. The two most important values are respect, to treat people as you want to be treated, and humility, to always be humble.” Thank you to Michelle for being an exemplary PCG and Homeroom Teacher and such a committed and hardworking staff member. This commitment is always appreciated by our students (both past and present!).


We wish Kathryn Crocker all the best for her maternity leave. Kathryn has been an outstanding graduate teacher who has been an integral part of the Performing Arts team. Kathryn's role will be covered by Haylee Benedetti and Jess Johnson for the remainder of term.


Our Performing Arts team made the best of Prendifest to promote our upcoming Production - High School Musical. Staff and students along with members of the East Wildcats handed out flyers and shared progress of the musical with parents and students attending Prendifest.

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Another valuable College partnership is with Leeuwin Estate. Over the weekend our FLEXed students have been part of the production crew for the annual concert featuring Paul Kelly this year. Warwick Palmateer, Natasha Adamson, Mat tChan, Simon and Clare Kanakis supported the students in a busy but special learning experience for them. I received the following email today from Justin Horgan:

Hi Mark,

I have just finished a lovely breakfast on the verandah with your team and just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a fantastic job they all did.

Attentive, committed and hard working they deserve to be very proud of themselves. They certainly did Prendiville College and Leeuwin Estate proud. I’m sure there will be a few well-earned 40 winks on the bus on the way home.

Thanks again for being a part of this now for 35 years strong concert adventure.



STRATEGIC PLAN 2019 – 2021

The final draft of the College Strategic Plan for the period 2019 - 2021 will be presented to the College Board this week. Our plan aligns with the CECWA strategic directions 2019 – 2021.

The following four priority areas have been developed:

1. Faith and Mission: A Christ Centred Community

2. Learning and Teaching: A Future Focussed Learning Community

3. Wellbeing and Safety: A Pastoral Community

4. Sustainability and Engagement: An Inclusive Community

The strategic plan will be released prior to end of Term 1.

For your children

Mark Antulov



Current families, your applications are now due to be lodged for Year 7 2021. Please contact Kim Craig on email: if you still need to collect your Full Application Pack which must be completed.

Younger siblings are not automatic enrolments and applications must be completed by March 19th for the 2021 intake.

Kim Craig

College Registrar

9301 6206


Students and parents are reminded of the change to winter uniform for all students from the first day of Term 2. The College blazer is a compulsory item that must be worn to and from school until the end of Home Room each morning. Dresses that require alteration must be ready for the first day of term to sit neatly at the top of the knee. Please make sure you have all your winter uniform requirements as soon as possible. The uniform shop is open Tuesday - Friday 8.30am - 2pm.


Please note that all absentee, early departure and late arrival emails should only be directed to

Please do not email or send direqt messages to individual staff members. Links to the absentee email address can be found at the top of this newsletter and on the SEQTA Engage splash page.

A new fridge magnet with the College contact details will be posted to families in the next few weeks. Please discard the black one sent last year as it has out of date information.


Prendiville Catholic College is committed to delivering the Keeping Safe: Child Safety Curriculum recognising all children and young people have a right to:

» be treated with respect and to be protected from harm

» feel and be safe in their interactions with adults, other children and young people

» understand as early as possible what is meant by feeling and being safe

» receive the support of counsellors or staff in their education or care setting who are responsible for their safety and wellbeing.

Source: Child Protection in Schools, Early Childhood Education and Care Services Policy (2011)

The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum teaches all children from a young age, in an age appropriate way, to recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult about it.


The curriculum is based on two main themes which are presented through topics and activities.

· Theme 1: We all have the right to be safe

· Theme 2: We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust.

Focus Areas

The two themes are explored through four Focus Areas, which are examined in growing complexity in accordance with the age of the learners.

1. The right to be safe

2. Relationships

3. Recognising and reporting abuse

4. Protective strategies.

Please click on the relevant link to access the KS:CPC brochure that summarises curriculum content covered.

KS:CPC Year 6 - 9 Concept Summary

KS:CPC Year 10 - 12 Concept Summary

More information can be found on the DECD website:

If you have any questions regarding the delivery of KS:CPC at Prendiville College, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Antonette Fazzari

Acting Deputy Principal Pastoral Welfare


Connection on Retreat

In the busyness of Year 12, it is often difficult for students to find the time to stop and reflect on life and their place in it. Year 12 Retreat gave our students the space to just stop and to build connections with themselves, with one another and with God.

Often in life, people wear masks because they lack the confidence to be themselves; they work hard to keep up an image that others will approve of. The plaster masks that the students made will remind them that they are perfect just as they are and that we want them to be themselves, doing their best and truly flourishing in their final year at Prendiville Catholic College and beyond.

Students were affirmed through the letters they received from their families. Receiving these letters is a powerful experience that often brings a few tears but reminds our students that they are very loved and valued in their families. They were further affirmed through the ‘warm fuzzies’ they received from each other. The smiles as they read these on the bus coming home confirmed how important it is to feel the affirmation of others and how appreciated it is.

Retreat leaders engaged the students meaningfully and lead them to deeper examination of themselves and their lives, from the joy and fun as students reconnected with each other as a cohort through the fun and hilarity of the icebreakers, to the deeper more reflective aspects of the Retreat.

Celebrating our Catholic faith through the Mass and Reconciliation on Retreat consolidated the Catholic identity of our College and allowed students a chance to explore their relationship with God and to reconnect with Him. As a Catholic College, one way we connect is through our faith and draw on that connection during the good times as well as when we struggle.

Interacting with their teachers in a less formal atmosphere was a chance for students to really connect with them. Homeroom teachers are significant links to support our students and I am very happy to see strong bonds growing between the Year 12 students and their homeroom teachers. Retreat was a chance to connect in a meaningful way.

As Head of Year 12, I am very proud of the way the students engaged on Retreat. I can see that they have formed closer bonds as a cohort and that they truly care for one another and want the best for each other.

Del Sharrett

Head of Year 12

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The Year 12 Retreat provided a relaxing time of thinking and reconciliation in three beautiful settings: St John of God Retreat Centre, Fairbridge Village and Serpentine Camping Centre. Throughout the stay, we maintained the overarching goal of coming closer together as a cohort - this was achieved to varying degrees and many of us bonded with teachers as well as each other. However, this bonding could not have occurred without the help of the many activities we participated in. Two in particular that stood out to us and many others were the warm fuzzies and King Karacticus concentration camp game. This game involved working in teams to become the number one team with the incentive of being first to the next morning's food. Warm fuzzies was an activity that all of us will cherish in the future as we were invited to write positive messages to each other throughout the whole retreat before taking it home on the last day.

Although the Retreat was fun, it was also a spiritual experience - while participating in Mass and reconciliation, we were invited to reflect on the relationships we had formed and see how we could strengthen our bonds. On behalf of all Year 12 students, we thank the staff involved for making our retreat a journey to remember - something that we can look back on in the future and be thankful for the opportunity we had to be involved with it.

Jason Mule and Nicole Bowman

Ministry Captains


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On Friday night we held the second Prendi Summer Fest. It was a great success and the whole community seemed to have a wonderful evening. The official opening of the Hussey and Priddis ovals was an exceptionally special moment with both sporting greats attending the event to see their achievements being celebrated by the community in which they grew up and were educated. They reconnected with teachers and reminisced about school days. These gentlemen are exemplary mentors for our students and teachers alike to look up to and to follow their example. We were so proud to have them here with us.

In order for such an event to be a success it takes a group of committed people to make it work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following PCC Community angels who made it work. First and foremost, the P and F team - thank you to each and every one of you who give of your time and energy so willingly - especially Yvonne Hawke who was the CEO of this event – thank you for your time and magnificent leadership. Jo Lewis, who just knows and does everything – your capacity to work is amazing, Annabelle Watson, you manage to fit things in between full time work and studies, Sam Lenaghan – you managed things from afar and still got there on the day to help in spite of everything, Sam Bresciani – you also work and manage to meet payment deadlines, and Mandy Brooks for your help. To the committee members who worked on the night, thank you for just saying yes and filling in where you were needed.

From the College - The Community Engagement team. Steph Davies – you are amazing – thank you for all you do and Mike and Catherine – you took it to a whole new level this year and with four weeks’ notice – amazing team work. To Mr Antulov and the leadership team -thank you for your support and allowing us to do what we do and be who we are – not many principals will allow this. Mr Terry Raphael – we could not so these things without your support. Mr Paul Lenaghan - thank you for your time and being an amazing MC for the evening. To the Phys Ed department especially Marius Ndiaye, Sarah Fogliani, Renea Meyer, Jeremy Broderick, and Ryan Lockyer – your support is invaluable. The following staff all made the event such a success and assisted - Paddy Devlin, Gerard Giannasi, Adam Giannasi, Michelle Bryant, Eamon Matthews, Warren Palmateer and the TIDE team. The maintenance department Craig, Tom, Neill, Dougie and Jim – thank you for all your assistance.

And finally to the PCC Community – the students of the College behaviour was exemplary and because of this we all had a fantastic time. The parents who attended, we hope you feel a sense of belonging and feel part of the community.



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In Week 4, we had our Interhouse Swimming Carnival and the winning house and individual winners were announced. One of the things that we focus on in Sport, whether it is representing your House or the College, is that we want everyone to do their best. Below is a list of students across all events who have achieved their personal best this year, beating their previous times. If you look at some of the results, some students have made massive improvements, and this is simply due effort and commitment shown at Swim Training.

We also have had a number of records broken, by none other than the Burgess’ (Aiden and Alyssa). Another fantastic performance by them at the Swimming Carnival. Aiden broke one of the longest standing records held by R Briggs in 2007, which is an amazing effort, along with the 100m freestyle. His older sister, Alyssa almost had a perfect sweep of records, beating all previous records held by Aimee Lea (our current swim coach) but one – 50m freestyle. We look forward to seeing them compete for the College at the ACC Carnival in Week 8 as they line up against the best in the state.

New records:

50m Butterfly

Aimee Lea – 29.75

Alyssa Burgess – 29.74 (new record)

50m Butterfly (record has been held since 2007)

R Briggs – 30.08

Aiden Burgess – 29.96 (new record)

50m Breastroke

Aimee Lea – 38.24

Alyssa Burgess – 36.07 (new record)

50m Backstroke

Aimee Lea – 32.38

Alyssa Burgess – 30.90 (new record)

100m Freestyle

Aimee Lea – 1.00.17

Alyssa Burgess – 59.28 (new record)

Owen Vorster – 1.03.90

Aiden Burgess – 1.02.38 (new record)

2019 Interhouse Swimming Carnival Personal Bests.

Our Interhouse Carnivals are not all about winning. We want students to strive to do their best and these students have done that. Congratulations to all these students.

Marius Ndiaye

Head of Physical Education


Over the last few weeks, invitations to represent Prendiville Catholic College in the annual Have Sum Fun competition have been extended to student mathematicians across Years 7 – 12. Prendiville has a long tradition of participation in this competition which follows a quiz night format with teams of six students solving four rounds of eight problems throughout the evening. Schools across the state are represented and a fantastic time is always had by all. This year, Prendiville Catholic College has seven teams participating with all teams currently meeting and practicing their problem-solving skills in the lead up to the event.

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia Upcoming events:

Want to know what different courses are offered for upper school mathematics? Attend the Maths Pathways Evening to have this question and many more answered. Hear from current university students about their mathematics pathway from high school to the course they are now studying. The evening will be held on Tuesday 19th March at Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley Campus from 6pm. Register your attendance using the following link:

For more information, click here

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia is hosting their annual Mathematics Expo at the end of the month. The expo is a free event targeted at families that aims to provide support to parents and students with mathematics and learning at home. It is a fun, interactive day with lots of opportunity to see a variety of resources that make learning fun and there are prizes to be won. The day will be held at the Crown Convention Centre Perth, Sunday 31 March 9am – 4pm. For more information, click here.

Choose Maths Awards

The CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards encourage students to get creative and explore real-world applications of Maths. Collaborating in teams, students bring their understanding of mathematics to life on film around this year's theme ‘MATHS MAKES EVERYTHING POSSIBLE’. Students who are interested in entering this competition are invited to contact Miss Charles for more information.

Careers in Mathematics

Did you know that:

- In the last 10 years STEM jobs grew 24% while non-stem jobs grew 4%

- 75% of the fastest growing jobs require STEM skills

As the demand for technology and innovation increases, so will the demand for STEM occupations. The growth of big data means Maths skills will become necessary for students wanting to make a difference in our world. It will equip our leaders with the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed for a fast-paced world.

Want to know where a career in maths can take you? Visit to find out!

The UWA Academy for Young Mathematicians

The Academy is an enrichment programme in Mathematics organised by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of The University of Western Australia for high school students studying Advanced Mathematics who are currently in Years 9, 10 and 11. The programme of the Academy is suitable for a broad range of mathematically able students. The aim is to broaden and deepen their mathematical knowledge, to involve them in problem solving and to extend the range of their mathematical skills.

Details about the program and how to enrol can be found at the website below:


In Week 3, the Year 12 Integrated Science students attended the annual Herdsman Lake excursion to widen their understanding of wetlands ecosystems. Students participated in a variety of activities to analyse the abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) factors of the lake.

Using data loggers, students gathered real time information about the non-living factors of the lake (nitrate, oxygen and pH levels etc.) to gain an understanding of the overall health of the wetlands. Students then analysed the biotic factors of the lake by searching for sensitive macroinvertebrates. The absence of these macroinvertebrates would indicate that there may be problems with the quality of the lake and that there is an imbalance in certain abiotic factors.

Overall, it was a fantastic day led by Rod Mifflin from WA Gould League and special thanks to Ms Belinda Speed for assisting on the day.

Peter D’Amico

Science Teacher

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For the past 6 months over 100 members of cast, crew and band have been busy preparing for Prendiville's up and coming Production of High School Musical, On Stage! So, what’s all the fuss?

Disney’s High School Musical, On Stage! centres around the blossoming relationship between Troy, a high school jock, and Gabriella, the new smart girl at school. They meet on a family vacation and become attracted to each other while singing in a karaoke competition. When they return to school, things don’t run quite as smoothly. Full of catchy songs and exciting dance routines, Disney’s High School Musical, On Stage! explores issues of friendship, first love, and acceptance.

Our show times are:

· Wednesday 15 May 7:30 pm

· Thursday 16 May 7:30 pm

· Friday 17 May 7:30 pm

· Saturday 18 May 12:30 pm

· Saturday 18 May 7:30 pm

Tickets will go live to the public at 7 am on Saturday, 16 March, via

You will want to snap up your tickets early, as our last two productions have sold out within a week!

Rebecca Rodwell

Musical Producer


ACC Swimming Team

Congratulations to those students who have made the 2019 ACC Swimming team. It has been fantastic to see students training hard in preparation for the carnival in Week 8. Over the final two weeks there will be a greater emphasis on relay training and teams have been allocated a relay training day (can be seen on the Sportal page). Students not in relays are still welcome and encouraged to attend on any training day. Our swimming coaches Aimee Lea, Jessica Barnes and Paolo da Silva have been committed to the swimming team with the help of our Swimming leader Alyssa Burgess. The final team and event arrangements have been sent out to students this week and can also be viewed on the Sportal page. Parents can view the time of events and are welcome to attend the carnival at HBF Stadium.

ACC representative Netball team

Each year, the ACC select a representative Netball team for girls in Year’s 9 - 12. For trial information, please see the flyer on the Sportal page or contact Miss Mayer. If students represent the ACC team over 3 years, they are eligible for an ACC Letters award.

Sporting achievements

WA State representatives

Nicola Grobbelaar - Under 18 State Hockey Team

Alyssa Burgess - Open and Age Swimming Championships

Caleb Mills - Surf Living Saving Championships

Lachie Hall

Lachie participated in the Nedlands Junior Masters tournament on the weekend which was a two day Golf competition. Lachie played some extremely good golf and finished as the overall Nett Winner. This is a fantastic achievement.

Alyssa Calnon and Molly Draycott

Alyssa and Molly represented Mullaloo at the Senior State Titles for Surf Lifesaving over the weekend. Their hard work throughout the season has been rewarded with a bronze medal in the sprint relay. Congratulations to both Alyssa and Molly for their dedication and perseverance.


Prendiville Catholic College 2019 Careers Expo

Tuesday 30th April, 2019

2.00pm – 5.00pm

At the Careers Expo WA University and Training Provider Professionals come together to answer questions and hand out vital information to help put your young person’s career journey on track. Parents, this is the perfect opportunity to get some relevant and current career information for students in Years 10 to 12. Please save the date.

For more Careers information, please click here.


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Prendiville Catholic College

Jackie Gill


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April Holiday Revision Programs

  • Yr 11 & 12 ATAR Revision
Receive subject revision and practice answering exam questions in preparation for Semester 1 exams.

Expert teaching from subject specialists

Learn tips and strategies to increase marks in your exams.

Receive a workbook to support your exam revision.

Contact ACADEMIC GROUP Phone: 9314 9500 Email:

10% early bird discount available for Skills Development and ATAR Revision Programs until 25th March, 2019.

Website for Enrolment:

1. Go to Our Programs - Select Year Level 2. Click on Holiday Programs 3. Select Enrol Today.

For UWA ATAR Enrichment Program - Select this option on the Holiday Program page before selecting Enrol Today.


Thursday 14 March - Year 8 Immunisations

Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 March - Year 7 Camp

Tuesday 26 March - ACC Swimming Carnival

Every Friday - Mass, 8am, Chapel


St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish, Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sat - 6pm, Sun - 9.30am


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Check out the latest alumni news:


Jeremy Lane (2011) made a significant contribution to the Prendi Summer Fest last Friday eve and his work was on-show for all to see. In the naming of our ovals as a tribute to Matt Priddis (2002) and Mike Hussey (1992), Jeremy designed and installed the artwork for each of the ovals. Jeremy will be the latest client to join the College Business Directory and offer his services to our community. If you are a business and are keen to expand then please sign onto our platform. It is free and a gift from The Hub to you. And who knows what new business opportunity comes your way? What’s to lose? Please call if you have a query. Chris Greenwood 9301 6249.

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The Simplicity of B2me ...... click on the fun Youtube demonstration.

B2me / The Hub ...... Give Away

Part of the B2me experience in collaboration with The Hub is the Give-Away aspect. You've got to be in it to win it so go for it !!

Be a part of the first people in The West to preview this latest BLOCKBUSTER !!

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Is this on your 'must get around to doing' list? “I must capture the memories of my grandparents or mum or dad or even a long lost aunt or uncle one day”; is what we here at The Hub are talking about.

The Hub offers that opportunity now using the facilities (green screen and sound mixing) at the College for you to do just that.The Hub offers this service @ half the rate of other studios. Contact us here at The Hub and we’ll assist you to grab those memories before it’s all too late! or

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