Art Safety Rules

Safety For Clay

The Art Room Safety Rules

  • Raise your hand.
  • Don't lean on your seat.
  • Don't move the table.
  • Listen what the teacher is saying.
  • Follow directions.
  • Pay attention.


clay safety

As long as clay is at the correct temperature if you are baking it, . You may notice a slight smell, but this is normal. If it bothers you, or if you do a lot of curing, you may want to cure out of doors or use a vented oven. If nothing else, you can open windows while you bake.

It is when clay is cured at temperatures that it burns and releases those "toxic " you've probably heard of. These fumes are toxic gas and they're certainly something you want to produce when curing clay the fact is that it has no chronic effect. The gas can hurt you real bad, causing stinging eyes, nose, and throat, but once you've turned off the oven and cleared the area of living things (until the gases have dissipated), you should begin to feel better and have no lasting ill-effects.

  • Do not eat it the clay.
  • Do not throw the clay.
  • Do not play with it.
  • Do not stuck it to the table.
  • Use gloves.

How to use it.

You use the clay to build stuff or make stuff or to sick stuff together nothing else you don't stick it to desk or to useful materials. Don't play with it or use it for games or to hurt people.