Empires and kingdoms

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justinian was important because he was the emperor of byzantine empire.
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The influence his wife did was to changed byzantine to the women status.
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justinian code

this was a collection of laws that formed the basis for byzantine law under emperor justinian.
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tsar ivan the third

He dominated russia
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The relationship between the roman and byzantine empire?

The byzantine empire is a direct hier to the roman empire. The byzantine and the roman empire had spit up.
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The rise of importance of constantinople

Named constanine, legalizes christianity, christianity spread greatly, moved from rome to constaninople.
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The spread of the mongol empire thru genghis khan?

He began to unify and organize the scattered mongol and other nomadic tribes into a superior fighting force. They came withiin reach of constantinople and destroyed much of islamic-arabic civilization.
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the impact the mongols have on russia and china ?

the mongols pretty much ruled over china as bandits, sucking out of much wealth as they could . They centralized the government. They were fierce, but allowed russian people to follow their own religion.
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Marco polo

Marco polo was born in 1254, in venice, italy. He traveled extensively with his family, journeying from europe to asia from 1271 to 1925.
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ottoman Empire

The byzantine empire finally came to an end by the ottoman army stormed constantinople.
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What happen to constantiople in 1453 ?

The fall of constantinople was the capture of the capital of the byzantine empire whic occured after a siege laid by the ottoman empire.
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Origins of islam

Islam is a monotheistic religous tradition that develops in the middle east in the 7th century islam.
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How did the islamic empre expand ?

Muhammad was forced to flee madinah {yathrib]. so he began to teach there, and he brought his teachings to Mecca and it spread from there
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Why did islam split ?

The major split in islam is that between the majority sunnis and the minority shiites.
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Sunni vs Shia

Sunnis believe that the position of caliph should be a position to which one is elected by the religous leaders of the islamic community, and not dependent on direct lineage from Mohammad.

shiia - They consider certain direct descendants of ali-the imams- infallible and the true inheritors of Mohammad.

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Ibn sina

He is one of the foremost philosophers in the medieval hellenistic islamic tradition thats also includes al-Farabr and Ibn rusdd
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Ibn battuta

He was a explorer of Berber descent and he is known for his extensive travels , accounts of which were published in the Rihla.
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They were military campaign sanctioned by the latin roman catholic church during the high middle ages and late middle ages.
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What impact did they have on islamic world ?

Be lamentable wastes of human life. In both societies, the medieval and the modern, men fight for what is most dear to them. That is a fact of human nature that is not so changeable
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what impact did they have on europe ?

The crusades help the muslims keep medical knowledge. the crusades brought out trade with many exotic foods. The crusades returned with luxury goods.
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Judsism , Islam , Christanity

All of these are monotheistic and they all follow the word of god .
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Bantu migration

A series of migration of the bantu people from the congo area to present day kenya, uganda, and tanzania.

Decline and Development


Development: the slat and gold exchanges benefited the economy

Declined: when the Almoravids gained control of the Saharan Trade Route and parts of the Sudan


Development: supported the arts, education and public buildings and etc

Declined: loss political influence over the Sahara


Development:: gained control of large area around the Niger River

Declined: Brought Sudanic empire to end

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Mansa musa

He is mostly remembered for his extravagant pilgrimage, to Mecca with 100 camel loads of gold and 500 slaves.
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Describe the trading networks

West African countries like Wangara had plenty of gold but needed salt and in the 19th century some 6000 to 7000 slaves were transported North.
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islam and christianity was blending the tradition african beliefs with new ideas.
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