Math Minutes

High School: First Edition


The Math Department is excited to announce an additional resource to you this school year! Math Minutes will provide you with strategies to support teaching and learning in your classroom. We hope you find this resource valuable.
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Making Connections to Real Life Applications

Students need to see the real life connection each day in order to understand the mathematics.

Teaching Tips: Student-Centered Instruction

Strategies to Support Differentiation

Rather than lowering our expectations of students, we need to teach at the appropriate level or rigor and provide ways to scaffold the learning. Below are some suggestions.

Relevant and Rigorous Problem-Solving

Illustrative Mathematics

Find open-ended questions you can use on eClass or in your classroom.

Formative Assessment Approaches

There are 5 components of a Formative Assessment Lesson.

  1. Pre-Assessment to group the students in homogeneous pairs
  2. Mini-Lesson
  3. Collaborative Activity where you are asking guiding questions
  4. Summary to link the learning
  5. Post-Assessment looking for growth but not taken for a grade

Don' Forget!

  • Each month the MOCC will add a new formative assessment strategy and eCLASS Technology Tool of the Month - be sure to check it out each month!

  • Looking for more information on Formative Assessment Lessons? The MOCC contains a list of all available FALs, sorted by AKS and unit!

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