Pre-K Preview

Happy New Year and welcome back! Hope you all had a wonderful time together with family.

We are excited to start new adventures in the year 2014! Here are some of the highlights for the month of January:

January 6th- 10th

Theme: “New Year/New Beginnings/Season- Winter”

Letter of the week: “M-m”

  • · This week’s big project is to build tall buildings and make “New York City" in “Construction” and have a “ball drop” count down!
  • · Language Arts: “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and “Mouse Around” (a wordless book about a baby mouse’s adventures) and “The Mitten” will be our star books this week. We will weave many activities around them, such as: sequencing the story, looking for details, making predictions, etc.
  • · Science: Seasons, animals in winter, and exploration with magnets.
  • · Math: Number writing, Concept of More and Less, and some fun mathematical thinking activities using mittens and hats!!

January 13th- 17th

Theme: “Winter”

Letter of the week: “N-n”

  • This week’s big project is to create large winter murals by working in cooperative groups.
  • · Language Arts: We will practice letter N-n and add Nighttime adventures to our art and science activities.
  • · Science: Winter fun continues with more books about animals in winter.
  • · Math: We will be making our own number books.

January 20th-24th

Reminder: Martin Luther King Jr. Day -No school on Monday, January 20th

Theme: “Peace Makers”

Letter of the Week: “O-o”·

  • We will read stories and learn about George Fox, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and the Underground Railroad movement. (It always amazes us how young children understand the ideas of fairness and peace!)
  • Science: Letter “O” has to include learning about “octopus” of course!
  • Math: Exploring the concept of “odd and even” numbers.

January 27th- 31st

Reminder: Field trip to NJ State Planetarium on Wed. Jan. 29th

Theme: “Space”

Letter of the week: “P-p”

  • Exploring space, moon expeditions, and planets through books, videos and self-made projects will encompass our art, science, construction and home living learning centers.
  • Math: Patterns and concept of ½ and ¼ through “P is for pizza and pie” math!!

We love to go out in the snow, so please continue to pack snow gear when there is snow on the ground. We do not go out if the temperature is frigid. Instead, we take the children to the gym to have indoor playtime. Also, please dress your child in warm clothes and layers for indoors, since the temperature in the room varies during the day.