All choices. No sacrifices.*

The Benefits of THMANY

Are you tired of having your social status affect what you do in life? Are you overworked? Feel under compensated or simply aren't getting enough sleep? If you said "yes" to any one of these questions, then THMANY is the place for you! In THMANY, everyone spends the same amount of time at work/school, sleeping, and having leisure time. No matter what your profession is, you will spend a total of eight hours in each of these activities! No more 16 hour work days or sleepless nights. Our Planners will take care of all of that for you, and build a schedule for your work, play, and sleep! Regardless of your background or choice of profession, each person will pull their own weight and be treated as equals in the society. The main rule of this society is that you follow your schedule, and if you do, we will have no problems! THMANY is located on the Oregon coast at a beautiful location known as Cape Perpetua, with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. From the outside, it looks like a typical town with very happy people. If THMANY is the place for you, you know where to find us!

The THMANY Dream

In THMANY, the hope is that individuals don't have to worry about how much money or time they will invest into their profession when they join the working world. This society was created for the people that are tired of having to make decisions based on how much time it will take or how much the job will pay. If someone truly wants to pursue their passion, and ideal part of the American Dream, they shouldn't be forced to take a second job to compensate. If they want to work at McDonalds, for instance, because their job doesn't pay enough, they shouldn't have to spend more time at work to make a living. Likewise, one shouldn't have to spend the rest of their life paying off student loans for medical school to become a doctor. We pay YOU to go to school, assuming that you will pay us back through the work you do in our society! But wait, it gets better! In THMANY, we believe that if you are truly following your dream that it shouldn't matter what you are paid. As a result, no matter your profession, everyone is paid $8.00 an hour. Therefore, your paycheck doesn't influence what job you want to take, and you can truly do what you want. If you've read A Raisin in the Sun, one of the characters, Benny, struggles to afford medical school when she wants to become a doctor. Her father also bends over backwards trying to support the family, making everyone unhappier. In THMANY, we eliminate this dilemma!

THMANY Members

The people that are living in THMANY couldn't be happier. Their lives are balanced, they aren't worried about time or income, and they feel as if they are an equally valuable member of society. You should consider joining this society, if you are unhappy due to any of these reasons! All of your friends will be jealous if you decide to join THMANY, because you know and they know that you will have a less stressful, fair life that isn't ruled by the aggravating, day-to-day struggles faced by most people. By joining our society, you will be making the smartest decision, moving beyond these problems to focus on your passions.

Leave Your Struggles Behind

Why We Aren't a Dystopia

Those of you who are considering joining our society may be thinking that it resembles a dystopia, similar to the one in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. However, there are several differences that make THMANY different.

For example, in our society, we won't restrict your access to information. In Bradbury's novel, the characters aren't allowed to read any books because the authorities believe that people are happier if they don't have to make any decisions. However, in THMANY, our goal is to make it possible for anyone to achieve their goals, and we pay people to learn. We don't deny you information, because we don't have to hide anything about our society. The rules of our society are clear: each individual must pull their own weight in society and follow their schedule designed by the Planners. There are no hidden clauses, and they allow for much more individual freedom than in Fahrenheit 451. In Bradbury's novel, the government established laws prohibiting ownership of books, since they fear individuality. Thus, since THMANY doesn't restrict access to information and has reasonable rules, it allows much more individual freedom than in Fahrenheit 451.

Also, in Bradbury's novel, the policemen extract intellectuals from society to maintain the illusion of perfection. In THMANY, it may seem as if intellectuals are brought down to the level of ordinary people, but they actually just have equal opportunities. They don't have to sacrifice their quality of life in order to pursue their passions, and can spend the same amount of time relaxing as anyone else. If anything, the intellectuals are rewarded for their intelligence. Their career doesn't become them, and they can still have the same amount of free time as those pursuing a less mentally challenging career! In the dystopian novel, the intellectuals are removed from society to discourage individuality and in agreement with the rules of the city. Where intellectuals are shunned in the book, they are celebrated in THMANY!

Furthermore, in THMANY, no one person has too much power, and the citizens' best interests are the first priority. In our society, the Planners who make schedules technically have the most power, but really just want to create something that is best for the recipient and society. The goal is that everyone is treated equally and has similar opportunities, and the only fear is that people will spend too much or too little time working. On the other hand, in Fahrenheit 451, the government and law enforcement (Mechanical Hounds, police, firemen) have way more power than the citizens. They keep the society living in ignorance out of fear that people will become too intelligent and overthrow the government. Therefore, since THMANY isn't a dystopia because individuals have freedom and everything is designed with balanced lives in mind!


THMANY may be a great society, but it is not for everyone. If you are someone who doesn't do well operating based on a schedule, you may not appreciate THMANY. One of the drawbacks of this society is that each chunk of time is dedicated to either work, leisure, or sleep. When that time is up, you must transition to the next activity. Regardless of whether you are in the middle of hosting a party or in the middle of a great dream, the activity must be cut short. Everyone has to stick to their schedule, as this is the biggest rule within the society. If an individual continually disobeys their assigned schedule, they will first meet with their Planner to see if an adjustment needs to be made. If the Planner believes that the problem lies with the person, not the schedule, then they are on probation. After eight days if no improvement is seen, the individual will be removed from THMANY. Other drawbacks include that your schedule may not coincide exactly with that of your family and friends. Keep in mind, our Planners do their best to meet everyone's needs, but this isn't always possible. Thus, you may not be able to see your friends and family for the entire leisure time if their schedules don't match yours. Any individuals that decide that they want to leave THMANY will need to meet with their Planner first and discuss their reasons for leaving. After eight days if they haven't changed their mind, they will be able to leave the society. Some may consider THMANY a dystopia because it takes away a lot of the freedom to have a flexible schedule. With the equal balance of work, play, and sleep comes the need for precise allotments of time and a sacrifice of flexibility. The people that consider the society a dystopia do not have to join, and should respect the wishes of people that do. Overall, THMANY is a great society that balances work, play, and sleep so that everyone contributes equally to society. There may be some people that are less suited to this way of lives than others, and they do not have to join or stay in THMANY if they decide it isn't the place for them.

Come to THMANY!

We hope that you are as in love with our society as we are, and feel free to stop by to check us out or to move in!


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