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US Producer Price Index down 0.4% in Oct vs 0.2% increase expected

This article is about the producer prices are falling due to weaker inflation. The producer price index is calculated using different prices of products. Since there is less pressure for producers to raise prices due to a good economy, they can keep prices lower. Doing this makes the Producer price index lower. This connects to our class because we talked about inflation and producer availability. If a producer is more available to lower prices and produce more then the consumer will demand more thus lowering inflation.

US inflation to rebound next year: Fed's Fischer

This article is about the fact that the economy is doing rather well, despite inflation rising much slower than expected. Inflation is expected to rise by 2% in the near future though which will cause the dollar to cost less over seas. However, housing has a huge part in inflation rising, and the growth there has been very uneven. This connects to class because we learned about inflation.

US wholesale inventories post largest gain in three months

Because the wholesale inventories gained more than expected, it can be hypothesized that the 3rd quarter economic growth will be higher than expected. Wholesale inventories rose .5% which is the largest gain since June. In September wholesalers rose .5% after its .9% drop in August. This is showing major improvement in the economy.