Pack 94

November newsletter


Want to march in a parade? Wear your scout hat and neckerchief over your coat. Bring wrapped candy to throw!
Typically we are assigned a numbered space and line up near Beescake or Electronis store.
Shirley Kaiser is our point person and will be in touch as more info comes available from the town.

6 kids in a shelter for the holidays:

Holiday scout charity:
As a cub scouts we all promise to "to help other people." So as a service activity the Pack has adopted a group of children in "residential foster care in Pleasantville (the Cottage Schools), and their requests are many and varied, so we'd would love any help you can provide."

Please sign up to provide one of the items requested below.

And drop off to Blakely Brodbeck at 26 Blair Road in Armonk Before Dec 9th

DEC. 19th 12pm-3pm - Father/Son Cake Bake Off

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME...BAKING?! This is our ever popular father son cake extravaganza. Cakes are auctioned off to highest bidder. We will also hold an Honor Court if anyone is ready with patches or awards.

POPCORN Big Seller:

Thanks to all that went door to door selling. Our big seller is Dale Kaiser with over $700!
He and anyone else will be receiving their prizes at the father son bake off.

November 22nd - Popcorn to be delivered.


Jan - Thunder Ridge Ski & Snowboarding event TBD

Jan - Durland Camping - TBD

- Do second overnight? If interested and can get a host.

Feb 13, Bowl-a-Ree - again scheduled during our winter break...TBD

April - TBD Pinewood Derby
* This year we are mandating a 9-10am car check-in to help with registration. Will return at 2pm-ish for race.

May TBD cross-over for WeBeLos 2

June TBD : end year fishing derby / picnic / honor court

2nd week of Aug TBD - all graduating scouts are invited to Read for new 'Cub week" Camping will be with dads. Not drop off.


Your den leader will be in touch about when they are scheduling meetings.

1st grade Tiger Den - Rich Radonis and John McNulty

3rd Grade Den - Paul Lashment

4th Grade Den - Nils Lunde

5th Grade Den - Cheryl Miceli

Cub Pack Master - Ellen Dedman