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Weekly Report #27: April 28, 2022

REMEMBER TO CALL ATTENDANCE LINE if celebrating Eid Al-Fitr on Monday and/or Tuesday

Ramadan will likely end Sunday evening. We will likely have students gone on Monday and/or Tuesday celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. Please remember to call office for students celebrating on these days! Eid Mubarak!



PTSA Help for 2022-23 School Year

We are in need of more members in our PTSA group. A lot are transitioning to Dakota. If interested, please email Mr. Matzek at ismatzek@rochesterschools.org
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COVID Reminders

  • If your student is symptomatic, please stay home! This includes all symptoms listed on the At-Home COVID Screening for Students and Staff.
  • Per Rochester Public Schools Safe & Open Schools Plan (updated March 7, 2022), parents and guardians will be contacted for immediate pick up for any students that are symptomatic during the school day. Recommendations are for the symptomatic student to test for COVID.
  • At-home antigen tests are available through the school for symptomatic students upon parent/guardian request.

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Dashboard reflects reported cases in the school buildings or programs. Dashboard will include the name of buildings reporting cases for that week.

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School Board Policy 808 was amended on March 1.

Masks are strongly recommended, but not required unless 5% or more of the students and staff in an RPS school or facility test positive for COVID-19 in one reporting week.

When 5% threshold is met, all students, staff, and visitors to that school would be required to wear masks for two weeks. Cases would be reevaluated after two weeks to determine continuation or discontinuation of mask requirement. [Note: an update to the plan may include: for small programs/facilities, mask requirements will be 5% of students and staff above a minimum of 3 or more cases].

Instances were masks are still mandated:

  • Students in early childhood programs who are younger than five years of age; until/unless vaccinations are approved for under five years OR community level transmission level is high.
  • Staff who tested positive for COVID-19 and who have completed 5-day isolation followed by a negative antigen test will be required to wear a mask in RPS facilities days 6-10 of isolation timeline.
  • Staff in health services providing direct cares to students.
  • Students with COVID-like symptoms who are waiting for parent/guardian pick up to go home.

Jag News April 25

Chromebook Repairs for Student Devices

Please see the examples below of parent letter and student expectations with devices. There is also a short video that we will be showing students. We are seeing some recurring device damage, which we will be continuing to share this cost with families. THANK YOU!
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Q4 JA Chromebook Updates
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REMINDER: Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

Reminder, the front loop is for BUSES ONLY. In order to keep all families safe (and to limit frustration), please follow these procedures from 7:55-8:20 and 2:30-until all busses are gone.

Doors open at 8:05 a.m. Students will social distance outside until 8:05 a.m.

  • Door 1 – Grade 6
  • Door 2 – Grade 7
  • Door 9 – Grade 8

Students then enter the building and go to their classrooms. The main circle/turn around near the main entrance is reserved for buses ONLY before/after school.

If you drive your child to John Adams, refer to the diagram (above) to understand expected traffic patterns. Cars entering/dropping off students should enter the parking lot on the east side of the building in the entrance only and let students out at the curb side of the parking lot next to the building. End of day, buses will utilize the curb area all the way to the stop sign on 31st Street. Handicap parking is available in the front of the John Adams Parking lot.

When waiting for your child after school, please be aware that other cars are arriving and leaving behind you. Good drop off and pick up areas are marked with a star on the map.

CAUTION. While we work to get all students to use crosswalks, this does not always happen. Be alert to students who may be crossing outside of crosswalks!

Email for all COVID results

John Adams now has an email for parents to provide all COVID related information.


Thank you!

Vaccination Cards for COVID

All Vaccination Cards for COVID can be sent/forwarded to registration@rochesterschools.org



Dashboard reflects reported cases in the school buildings or programs. Dashboard will include the name of buildings reporting cases for that week.

Mr. Brant Goetz


"Thank you teachers, office staff, and paraprofessionals. Hang in there!" -Mr. Goetz