They Are All Around Us

A Guide To Dealing With Alcohol and Drugs Near You

Ever been scared of somebody over-drinking? Ever been scared if you thought somebody was on drugs? Ever joked about drugs and alcohol? Joking about drugs and alcohol is very mean and immature because drugs are a problem in our communities and neighborhoods. Drugs are a serious threat to some people who are hooked and can't save themselves. Sometimes those people are people near you and near your heart.


Do you think a member in your family has been drinking too much, too often or do you suspect your sibling of smoking or taking drugs. If so tread with caution because the area which you will tread in soon is as dangerous as a minefield.

Things to do when you think that somebody in your family has been drinking excessively:

  1. If they have been over-drinking then try not to get their attention
  2. If they start to hit and break things in a mad rage then run away and call 911
  3. Don't get into a car even if they are very convincing and confident or even if you have to go some where
  4. If they have been over-drinking then don't even get close or near
  5. If they have been over-drinking then get a phone close to where you are.
  • If you do not have a phone then run to the nearest adult who is sober

Things to do when you think that somebody in your family has been taking drugs:

  1. Tell an adult
  2. If the adult doesn't take any precaution then tell the police
If they are taking drugs near you:

  1. Run away to an adult
  2. Get to a phone
  3. Call the police


If you've seen your friend drinking at his\her house when his\her parents are away... Has he\she even asked you to drink? Well if your friend does ask you to drink say NO! Drinking is unsafe for kids of all ages especially if you over-drink. You can even die from alcohol poisoning, or you can hurt yourself by getting drunk and doing something dumb.

If you do see your friend drinking then:

  1. Don't get close or near
  2. Contact your, or his\her parents
  3. Contact the police if they do anything that may hurt you
Are your friends acting weirdly nowadays? Are they not doing well in school? Are they not wanting to meet you much? Do you suspect them of taking drugs? If you are sure that they taking drugs then you should:

  1. Go to a trusted adult
  2. Call the police

Don't Be Scared

If you are scared about reporting your friends and family to the police, don't be because if your family and\or friends are doing any of the things listed above then you yourself could be in danger.