Kindergarten News

January 11, 2019

Language Workshop

Students have been discovering new places through the books Same, Same but Different and India. We are asking ourselves the question, "What is discovery?" Students are identifying similarities and differences. We are asking questions about what we want to learn about the topic before we read our book. Students are also identifying important parts of a book.

Reader's Workshop

Students have been working on identifying and sorting the ending sounds of words during their work time in Reader's Workshop. We have begun to introduce long and short vowel sounds for the letter a. Vowel sounds will continue to be our focus this month. We are getting back into the groove of small guided reading groups. Students enjoy and are challenged with looking at the pictures for word clues, focusing on beginning and ending sounds of words, and are having success discovering sight words they know in their books.

Math Workshop

It's all about 3D shapes in kindergarten this week and next! Sphere, Cone, Cylinder and Rectangular Prism are the main four we are working with. Students need to differentiate between 2D and 3D shapes through sorting and naming. Students are learning the attributes of 3D shapes such as the faces and vertices a 3D shape has.

Writer's Workshop

Writers are expressing their opinions through writing this week and next.

Social Studies

Students are geographers exploring the differences between a globe and a map. We have been exploring different kinds of maps and discussing the reasons for why we use a map. Our geographers will be designing their own playground and using a map key.

Friday Hooray Winners

These students have been soaring like eagles here at Rose Glen through being safe, kind, responsible, and respectful.