By: Samantha Kollmeyer


I'm very tolerant of people. I know when to admit I'm wrong and someone else is right. I'm also reliable and people can count on my to carry my own weight. I also think it's very easy to communicate with others which is helpful on any team.

Strong Willed

I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. If something goes against my values, it's easy for my to stay away from it. I know if the people I call my friends are participating in high risk behaviors and want me to join them, they're probably not good friends to have. I won't hesitate to stay away from them.


I tend to put others before myself. If someone needs help, I'll drop everything I'm doing to go help them. This can be good and bad. It can be good if there's a situation when someone's life is in danger and I immediately go to their aid. However, it can also be bad if someone's not in a life threatening position and they just want help on something like homework. I would still drop everything to help them even if it means I don't finish my own homework. Sometimes, being too selfless is one of my weaknesses.


I'm able to recognize constructive criticism but sometimes I take things too personally. If I'm working on a drawing and someone suggests I use a different technique, I get upset because I immediately think they don't like the way I'm doing things. Being too sensitive is definitely a big weakness of mine.