Gaming Safety

By: Keslie Van Pelt and Quinn Corcoran


Gaming safety is a big part in peoples lives. It affects everybody all over the world. Lots of people are hurt by bullying on online games. Thats why you should be more safe about playing games online. Everyone that plays an online game should make sure to avoid strangers and anyone that is not being nice or appropriate. You should block or stay away from anyone that is not being appropriate or nice and if you can’t block them then just leave the game and play with someone else.


You shouldn’t give away names social security numbers or the name of other people or your school name. Some people you meet online are not who you think they are and if you give them any information about yourself they could put it on the internet and you will be embarrassed. If you give an address or phone number they could find your house and they can do very bad things. If you give out your social security number people could hack into your bank and use your money to get things for them. If you give your school name out they could find out who you were in your school.

Ask Parents

You should always ask your parents before playing a game.Also ask your parents before talking or chatting with strangers. Ask your parents before you get a headset or microphone to talk to other people. Never post pictures of yourself or others without permission. Never post or tell about yourself or anyone elses name phone number or any other personal information.

Be Nice

Always be nice to other people in the game. You should treat them like you want to be treated. You shouldn’t hack into their game and ruin their stuff. Make sure to never say bad things to other players and be a friendly gamer. Never try to embaress others on Internet gaming systems that would be cyber bullying and on most user friendly games there will be a way to turn in a person doing bad things and if your game is not user friendly don’t play it.


You should never give away personal information. You should always ask parents before playing a game and posting pictures of yourself and others. You should always be nice. Remember to always treat people the way you want to be treated. ALWAYS BE SAFE!!!