Kalliann Khim

You're not the only one

Wendy Khim

The Years They were in Middle School


The Popular Movies, Music, and Fashions at the Time

  • Monsters Inc.
  • Finding Nemo


  • Backstreet Boys
  • Blink 182
  • Eminem

  • Aeropostle
  • Hollister
  • collared shirts
  • Phatfarms sneakers
  • Air Force 1s

Favorite Activities & Hobbies/interests from middle school

  • Swimming/ swim team activities
  • Sewing/crocheting
  • Basketball
  • Snowboarding
  • Hanging out at the mall
  • Watched her sister (me)

Favorite Activities & Hobbies/Interests Now

  • Swimming
  • Sewing
  • Has 2 kids to watch

These activities & hobbies/interests were the same as before and since she used to watch me when i was young so now she enjoys watching her own kids because it reminds her of watching me.

Best Parts Of Middle School

  • Being carefree
  • No responsibilities
  • Growing up; becoming a teen

Worst Parts Of Middle School

How everyone was very judgmental about how someone else dressed and being insecure about everything you did or wore. If you were ever different in any way, clothing wise or the way you acted you would be treated differently and she (my sister) hated that. Mainly in her opinion the worst part of middle school was being insecure the majorityof the time.

How would you describe your middle school self?

Around friends:

  • funny
  • outgoing
  • hyper
  • comfortable with them
Around non friends or new people:

  • shy
  • boring
  • the exact opposite from her real personality

Advice about growing up to kids our age

"Do not worry about other people's opinions, be happy with who you are, and love yourself. Pay no attention to negativity have positive thoughts and vibes."

~Wendy Khim

Did bullying go on in your school?

Bullying started in those years that my sister was in middle school because of the different people and their styles of clothing.

when you were in middle school did you and your friends ever hang out to study or to just hang out?

Yes they did very often but they mostly hung out at the mall or to just mess around and hang out at each others houses. Most of the time my sister would tell her mom that she was out studying with her 'girlfriends' while in reality she waas hanging with girls and guys at the mall.