Focusing Facilities in Flats

Focusing on Facilities Available in new flats in Mohali

Sandwoods Opulencia helps you enjoy your special moments and beautiful life at this auspicious and beauteous place which fills in you, splendid joy and spreads aroma.Mohali, a calm, composed place of Chandigarh is a hub of natural beauty, a place of shivering weather at dawn and an area receiving bright but soothing sunrise.

Opulencia has succeeded in erecting a really tall 22-storey building in SAS Nagar, Sector 110, Mohali which provides you world class facilities to lead an urban lifestyle. The flats you will get in Mohali are 1 BHK, 2-BHK, 3 and 4- BHK flats which will help you adjust better with your family. These new flats in Mohali are constructed keeping in mind, the needs of common man to lead a luxurious life.

Then focusing on the facilities available in such flats constructed and maintained by Sandwoods Opulencia, you must be aware that the spacious flat consists of bedrooms, dining hall, kitchen and bathrooms. You also have gallery to enjoy the chilling and cold weather in winters and bright sun in summers.

The construction of the house is full of eternal charm and the designs on the walls and ceilings speak loudly regarding the hard works of men who have constructed these opulent flats. The rooms are fully-furnished and have floors with tiles. The building blocks use AAC (autoclaved aerate concrete) which is heat resistant and you can lead a peaceful life herein.The modular kitchen is developed in such a way that all the necessary modern demands are fulfilled.

Furthermore, the new flats in Mohali offer you the best safety against the cruel and bad men and also against the nature’s omen. These offer you protection in all the possible ways.You have plenty of CCTV cameras, manned security guards and a high-tech security system for you to sleep well. You also have a video door phone and every apartment is equipped with a wireless security system.

Moreover, any natural calamity in future is very much unexpected but no need to worry at all. You will never have threat to life, money or property because of these hazards because the apartments are earthquake resistant.

So, these new flats in Mohali are the best works of Opulencia and are very similar to the previous works which demand respect and your attention. You must have such a house for your loved ones so that they face no problem and live a fortunate and prosperous life with a lucky you.

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