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Expectations based mainly on past experience

Function Description Burglar Installation of an approved intruder alarm system shall consist of an approved control panel with zones and at least five pieces alarm areas. The control panel shall be equipped with an emergency that can handle a power failure for at least hours. Other alarm components include, masking protected motion detectors in the shopping area, magnetic switch, control customer queue management panel, glass break detectors. The panel will send plain text to the alarm center via all SIA protocol. The alarm is switched via the card reader is positioned on the outside of the premises.
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Alarm system must cope with both automatic and manual alarm activating of the various alarm zones, but also intelligent superiors to and off of the alarm areas. This means that the alarm section is always on or off when another alarm area becomes or disarmed, this to smoothly pass through the adjacent emergency areas. Speaker unit used for customer queue management several functions in the premises, at a burglar alarm, an audible deterrent signal and a strobe lights, and when switched heard one speaking to the clutch slips, such as: The intruder alarm will be armed in minutes- leave the room, and appealing evacuation signal when triggered fire warning alarm. Optical indication queue system show with a flashing/ Handicap. The alarm system shall also be capable of performing several switching signals in order to empty premises, for example, the first alarm activating the announcement of the speaker system take place- minutes before the actual switching on the news heard in the speaker system.
Computer Networks: Dialogue Control & Token Management
Fiber optics alarm for alerting the videoconferencing equipment in distance call room, fiber optics alarm should go into the private section and presented at the monitoring station in plain text (as separate section). The alarm system shall also be equipped with a GSM transmitter that acts as an alternative (back-up) alarm transmission if the telephone line is not working. The alarm system must be vendor-neutral, and not tied to specific installer or ARC. Physical Access The card readers in the access shall be of the so-called MIFARE- technology and associated software and be able to manage the following functions. Presentation of readers from the accessibility requirements and installation customer queue management instructions shall be in accordance with Handicap standards, see the link Even disarm the burglar alarm with cards and personal codes.
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For entry of customers (at the booked visits) for remote office hours, the following function: the customer must be via a code to open the front door (via card reader). This code is randomly generated and sent via SMS. The code should work for about minutes before the booked visit (during non-business hours), and that the customer queue management code applies only for unlocking.
Issuer Regulation Token Management
The door to remotely call room shall be equipped with a card reader, access control by card and code. Function of distance call room door concerning the entry and exit are as follows, the room door is unlocked automatically when the queuing system displays the current number. Entry delay locked door and a red light for busy. After that the holder customer queue management of the current queue ticket number has passed through, the door must be locked by the electric lock, which blocked queue system show the opening of the queuing system and SMS code (red light on the uptake).