Athens; the superior city-state

by: Sam Spoelstra and Ella Alexandrou

The city of Athens is surrounded by towns making it a city-state. Athens became powerful by trading and helping other city states were Sparta shared their culture and things and thrived on that. Athens was smarter in this decision because if he economy around you starts to fail you will have limited resources, but since Athens makes their resources they will have plenty and have massive trade with other city-states so their economy will grow. Athena had a democracy and only thought of people that were men and 18 or older were free, they also had beautiful and complex architecture. They had a very strong army and barricades around the city-state to keep intruders away, this is one of the reasons why they had good defence and they were so powerful. Athens has many important contributions to Greek society but, the most important things contributed to Ancient Greece by Athens were their ways of teaching, the way their society was run, and their very strong and powerful army.

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