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Emily's Paragraph on Culture

  • Natives produce colorful textiles, cermics, pottery, and baskets
  • Each year thousands of people join the famous carnival celebrations at Barranquilla
  • Popular musics are dance styles such as bamboro and cumbia

Colombian Festivals

This picture is of a festival in Colombia, where there are a lot of bright colors, and a lot of dancers in parades.

Emily's Paragraph on Government

  • Presidents serve four year terms
  • It is a republic with a tradition of democratic elections
  • Members of Indian groups fill at least two senate seats

Colombian Government Picture

This is a picture of a building in the capital of Colombia, Bogota.

Ten Things You Will Need! (Emily)

  1. Bug spray
  2. Bottled water
  3. Hiking boots
  4. Rain jacket
  5. Umbrella
  6. Backpack
  7. Snacks
  8. Waterproof socks
  9. Long sleeve shirts
  10. Long underwear

Laura's 2 pharagraphs on history

  • August 7,1819 Simon Bolivars Venezuelan troops own battle of Boyacá in Colombia
  • The country name was changed three times in 1861,1863,1885.
  • Colombia is the second largest population of all the countries in South America

This is a picture of the battle of Boyacá

10 things Laura think you should do in Colombia

  • Craft-work
  • Rumba
  • Snorkeling
  • Waterskiing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Underwater fishing
  • Diving
  • Visit museums
  • Tours in horse and carriage

This picture is one of many different styles of Colombian craft-work

Jamey's paragraph on economy and current events

  • mixed and largely free-market economy
  • Main exports are oil,coal,chemical products
  • Colombia is the worlds largest exporter of coffee

This picture is of Arica beans.

Jamey's Five famous people in Colombia

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel prize for literature)
  • Elkin Patarroyo (Nobel prize for science, discovered vaccine for Malaria)
  • Juan Pablo Montoya (car racer)
  • Shakira (singer)
  • Juanes (singer)

This is a picture of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Shakira. 2 of the 5 famous people in Colombia

Emily's Actual Paragraph on Colombian Culture

Colombia is a great place to go on a vacation. Natives produce colorful textiles, ceramics, pottery and baskets. These would be great items to bring back as souvenirs. Also, each year thousands of people join the famous carnival celebrations at Barranquilla, which includes masked pageants, colorful parades, and spirited dancers. This means while you are in Colombia you can join or watch these parades! While you are there you may hear on the radio dance-type songs called cumbia. This song type is very popular in Colombia.

Emily's Actual Paragraph on Colombian Government

Colombian presidents serve a four-year term just like us in the U.S.A! They are a republic but have democratic elections. This means they elect their presidents by voting. Did you know that members of Indian groups have to fill at least two senate seats in their government? They do to make things fair between the natives and the people who live in Colombia also.

Jamey's actual paragraph on economy and current events

After more than four decades of conflict, Colombia has made substantial progress under the Uribe and Santos administrations in combating drug trafficking and insurgents and demobilizing paramilitary groups. In recent years, Colombians have seen prosperity increase and reductions in violence in many parts of their county.

Today, the Santos administration is engaged in a peace process with the FARC insurgency that has recently shown promise, but now the administration faces the challenge of managing peace talks and an election at the same time. Also Colombia is mixed and largely free-market economy. some main exports are coal, oil, and other chemicals products. Colombia is the worlds largest exporter of coffee.

Luara's 2 actual paragraphs on history

Colombia history is full of dates. Like in 1510 Spaniards founded Darien 1st permanent Europeans settlement on the American mainland's. In 1538 established a colony of New Granda. August 7, 1819 Simon Bolívar's Venezuelan troops won the battle of Boyacá in Colombia. Independence was informed/attained in 1824. Bolivia united Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, and Equardor in the Republic of Greater Colombia.

1899 a brutal Civil war broke out, till 1902. Colombia lost to Panama. Panama demand there land back and Independence in 1903. Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus and was a Spanish colony for 300 years.