The Growth Mindset Coach

Annie Brock and Heather Hundley

Book Study

Our next meeting will be on April 18.

* Read pages 145 - 188

Ideas to consider while reading?

Do you see learning as messy? Why or why not?

How might one use the idea of "my favorite wrong answer" found on page 149 in your classroom or work environment?

The authors present several ways to coach students through setbacks. Have you used or considered using any of the ideas listed?

What is productive failure and how can we use it to get better -- as students and working adults?

The authors present formative and summative assessment in a manner of "not knowing vs. not knowing yet". How do you internalize this and how do/ can you use in your current position?

How does the notion of Knowledgeable vs. knowledge-able impact your current situation?

Of the formative assessment strategies listed beginning on page 168, is there one that is your personal go to or is there one that you plan to give a try? What will you hope to gain by utilizing this particular strategy?

When considering fixed mindsets, can you determine one that is fixed for you? Have you considered a plan to change it? How would you go about doing that with students?