North vs. South

Gabby Cortez


*Sam Houston refused to declare loyalty to the confederacy and was removed from office by the Texas secession convention in March 1861.

* On February 16 1861, U.S. Gen. David Twiggs surrendered all United States military post in Texas including is own San Antonio headquarters to the Texas committee of public safety.

*Gen.Albert Sidney Johnston of Texas was considered one of South's most promising officers at the time of his death in 1862 on the battlefield at Shiloh, Tennessee.

*From 1861 speech by Gov. Sam Houston at Galveston, a few days prior to passage of the ordinance of secession.



Basically the Civil War was one of the toughest wars to get through even though we had way more appliances than the south so it was easy to beat the south but it was also the saddest moment in history because Texas lost a lot of people over the couple of years that the war lasted.