Technology for Feedback

Simple Suggestions for Getting & Recieving Student Feedback

"The most disengaged students in class are often the ones who receive the least feedback and direction" - Jane Pollock

"When we teach disengaged students useful ways to request feedback from peers, teachers, or even themselves, they become more involved in class activities and in their own learning." Jane Pollock

Listed Below are several of many technology tools that can be an aid in providing feedback opportunities in the classroom. It doesn't matter what tool is used, as long as students are receiving relevant feedback.

Google Apps

  • Create a Ticket Out or poll using Google Forms.
  • Allow students to comment on a Google document comprised of class notes. Generate a chat to further feedback and communication.
Google Doc with Comments Chat
Resource - Sign in to Google using NISD Credentials:


  • Use Feedback Activity for multiple poll questions
  • Use Forums to pose a class question and get collaborative responses
  • Use Journal to get Individual Paragraph Responses
  • Use Chat for Continual Conversation on a Topic (Create student requirements)
NetSchool Feedback

Audio Feedback

Connect with your students by sending individual, group, or class audio feedback, or have your students create audio feedback for you/others to share.

  • Create free-response, multiple choice, or T/F polls that students can answer via computer or cell phone.
Sign up for a free account:

*This is one of many poll/survey sites that can be used in class.


  • Create a Class hastag and have students respond to a question using the hashtag.
  • For younger grades, use a class Twitter Account and have the whole class or a group of students sum up and produce the tweet together.
* If devices are limited, each one of these tools can be done by a group of students with a selected scribe.

If you have Questions About Using Technology to Provide Feedback Opportunities in your classroom Contact your IT Coach. :)