DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, December 4, 2015

Monday starts our SNOW DAYS!!!! Jeans till the Winter break!!!

Starting on Monday, December 7th...we will begin our SNOW DAYS!!! What is that you ask?... You will receive a day by day list...

We are starting on Monday with Cookies for the teachers in the lounge and a visit from Cookie monster to bring a gift to your class!!!

*See if your class can find a book with a cookie in the story for him to take a picture with you all!!!*

How are you doing on your goals? You have two weeks to fill with greatness or fill with grief. Make every day count!!!

Have a great weekend!!! A fabulous Monday morning mindset message is coming for Monday!

PTA General Meeting, Choir Concert, Drama Club Performance and PTA's Cookies & Carols

On December 8th at 5:45pm we will have a brief PTA General Meeting followed by our Choir concert, a performance by the Drama Club and PTA's Cookies & Carols!

The Choir will have an AFTERNOON School Performance at 2:30pm for all students.

Holiday Luncheon - Calling for Desserts!

Our holiday luncheon is coming up on Friday, December 18th at 1pm. Our fantastic, festive, holiday lunch planning committee is asking each team to please bring 2 desserts that serve at least 24 people!

All desserts will be enjoyed by all and very much appreciated!

Upcoming events next week - December 7 - December 11

Kris for Announcements; Blue Week in the library; 3rd & 4th Science DLA1 12/7-12/11; Academic Collaboration 3rd, 2nd, 1st

Monday, 12/7 - Rotation Day 1; I-station 7:45am; Challenge; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Starbucks Staff SOAR reward; Lego Club in the library 3:45pm; Life Skills Meeting for LS teachers & paras 4pm; New Teacher Meeting in IC office 4pm; Campus Advisory Team Meeting in T10 4:30pm

Tuesday, 12/8 - Rotation Day 2; Academic Collaboration - 3rd; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; I-station 7:45am; Challenge; Sacred Planning; Fine Arts field trip for 5th grade to MRHS PAC 8:30-11am; 4th Gr. Math Planning Day; AP Meeting 9:30am; IC Meeting 12pm; Cookies & Carols Performance for the entire school 2:30pm in the gym; ASD - Stockton; No Tuesday Topic;l PTA General Meeting 5:45pm; Choir Performance & Drama Club 6pm with Cookies & Carols provided by PTA

Wednesday, 12/9 - Rotation Day 3; Academic Collaboration - 2nd; Chime Rehearsal 7:15am; I-station 7:45am; Sacred Planning; Lunch Bunch 11:15-12:30 for Ford, Kellen, Harrell, Keeton, Bergstrom, Zepeda, Wise, Groot, Martinez, Adams, Nichols, Seaman, Hilton; Read, Deed, Run 4pm; ASD - Loveday; Drama Club 3:45pm

Thursday, 12/10 - Rotation Day 4; Academic Collaboration - 1st; Student Council Meeting 7:30am; I-station 7:45am; Kris off campus meeting 2-4pm; Poetry for Pastries for 2nd Grade 2:15pm; Faculty Meeting 4pm; No ASD

Friday, 12/11 - Rotation Day 5; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am; 5th Gr. Choir Field Trip; ICs off campus

Starbucks - Staff SOAR Reward

Monday, December 7th is our Starbucks Staff SOAR Reward. If you wish to turn in tickets for this reward, please do so by Monday at 9am. We need your tickets, your order and your money:)

Thank you for all you do!

Upcoming Events December 14 - December 18

Leah for Announcements; Gold Week in the Library; No ELT or Academic Collaboration/RTI this week

Monday, 12/14 - Rotation Day 6; Challenge; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Check In Check Out 10:30am; Lego Club 3:45pm; Katy ISD Board Meeting 6:30pm

Tuesday, 12/15 - Rotation Day 1; Challenge; Sacred Planning; Leadership Team for Kris 8am-2:30pm; ASD - Crump; No Tuesday Topic; 5th Grade Party Planning Meeting 5:30pm

Wednesday, 12/16 - Rotation Day 2; Sacred Planning; Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser for DWE; Extra Recess 2:55pm; Dance Party 3:10pm; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Doss-Lomas

Thursday, 12/17 - Rotation Day 3; School Wide Sing A Long 2:15pm; possible 3-hour detention; ASD - Fuller

Friday, 12/18 - Rotation Day 0; No observations; End of 1st Semester; Reindeer games (schedule to be sent out); Winter Parties for am PK-5th 9am; pm PK 11am; Early Dismissal; Holiday Luncheon 1pm

Special Thanks

On behalf of the Eagle Drama Club, thank you for coming to our dress rehearsal. Your attendance thrilled our young actors and actresses. As usual, it continues to validate your continual interest in each child beyond the school day. Also, a huge thank you to all other guests that visited us.

Litisha Brown for being so flexible with scheduling.

Coach Luna, Coach Welsh, Coach Martinez, Katrina Cerk, Debbie Herrera, Betty Montilla and Susie Loyd for giving their time to be a SOAR reward for students!

April Rhoades for getting our students hearing & vision tested.

Kim Specksgoor for jumping in and making sure we have volunteers and cookies for PTA's Cookies & Carols event with our Choir Concert & Drama Club presentation.

Denise Harrell & Whitney Jackson for serving as our PTA presidents.

Adrian Luna for delivering Dr. Mitzner's chair as a SOAR reward for students.

Aimee Krauss for creating the sign up genius for 2nd Grades Poetry & Pastries.

Margaret Heichel for backing up a staff member in a time of need and taking care of our trash collection problem.

Adriana Rangel for helping out another staff member.

Elizabeth Strange and Rebecca Ater for always sending an explanation automatically on items that are submitted to print shop. This helps so much if there is ever a charge in question because all I have to do is look for their email.

Exciting Maintenance News

Our maintenance department is building an awning over the walk way by our Special Ed entrance so that the students & staff will not get wet on rainy days. They will be working out there on weekdays after 9am and no later than 1pm. We hope that they will be starting this week!

New Crossing Guard

For those who don't know, we have a new Crossing Guard, Karen Bailey. She will be crossing our students safely at the intersection at Prince George & Crutchfield. Thank you Paula Wagner & Claudia Flora for helping her in her new role here at Winborn.
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