Gage and Eric's Bagel Bakery

By: Gage Swales & Eric Nyilas

Six Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas: We thought of it together and believed it to be a nice, profitable, business. As far as the market goes, we have no competition, because we are the only Bakery that specializes in bagels.

2. Raising Capital: A majority of the money used to start our business came from our own bank accounts. The rest was raised by the community as a kickstarter. The people helped out and contributed, because they really like the idea of a bagel bakery being in the 217.

3. Employee & Training: Before we hire anyone, we check their background and see if they have nay previous work in the bagel industry. If not, we send them to a Bagel Baking Bootcamp to go through intense training and learn the art of the bagel. After the training they come back and learn from the bakers themselves, us.

4. Buying Goods and Services: We get all of our supplies from the the finest manufactures of office supplies and cooking materials around. We special order all of them and have our workers clean them daily.

5. Marketing Goods & Services: We will make a commercial and post flyers around town. Make sure you tell your friends and family about our business, because not before long, we'll have a larger organization and we have to spread our bakeries elsewhere.

6. Maintaining Business Records: We have our Director of finances and accounting, Nubia Fokum, handle all of our files and payments. He keeps them all on record in his computer. The job is his to deal with and if any problems occur, then he is to alert us A$AP.


We are doing a partnership, because we thought of the idea between the two of us and we don't need too many people getting involved. With more people, comes more responsibility and room for error.

Business Goals

1. To receive atleast 95% positive feedback over the next year.

2. To award an employee with an employee of the year award by the end of our 1st year

3. To be a well known company

4. To create a website

5. To increase website trafficking

MIssion Statement

Gage and Eric's Bagel Bakery is a small partnership that was created by and for the love of bagels and bagel consumers in the 217 area. We offer cheap, yet sweet and succulent bagels, made from only the finest and most natural ingredients from the furthest and most sacred gardens of Japan. We view or employees as family and our costumers as our prime source of ideas and sustainability. We plan on becoming a well known business and hope to go forth and stretch or business to larger parts of the US.
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