Social Skills

Programs we use at school....

For the first week and a half of school we taught kids to use Kelso's Choices. Kelso is a frog that teaches kids there are 2 types of problems, big problems and small problems. Big problems are problems that make them feel scared or are dangerous-those problems require an adult. On the other hand small problems, which are most problems that kids have in school, are problems that students are smart enough and strong enough to handle on their own.

Throughout the year I will help and encourage kids to solve their own problems using Kelso's Choices.

We also use Second Step. Second Step is a researched based social skills curriculum we use school wide. I will typically e-mail home-link pages, for all units that have them, so you can practice what we are learning in school. Our first unit is Skills for Learning, where we are learning and practicing listening rules that help us and others learn.

Eyes Watching, Ears Listening, Voices Quiet, Body Still