Digital Citizenship Project


7 rules you should follow about digital citizenship

  1. Be Respectful on the internet. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Be careful on the internet. Don't trust adds they might be scams.
  3. Be alert on the internet. Keep you personal information a to your self
  4. Be careful what you do on the internet. Don't give any of your usernames or passwords to anybody.
  5. Don't be mean to other people on the internet. Don't do mean things on the internet it will stay there forever
  6. Don't copy other things from other people. Don't steal other peoples words and ideas.
  7. Don't copyright. Don't copyright other people's things it wrong

What is Digital Citizenship?

What is digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is how you act on the internet good or bad. Why Digital Citizenship is necessary for people to use is it could hurt other peoples feelings with what you say on the internet. You should also not give out any personal information on the internet to any body even you closes friend