Saw, Sawing

Big Sight, Tokyo

Background History

Commissioned January 1995 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The artist was Claes Oldenburg. It was installed in March 1996. It took 1 year to make, from 1995 to 1996.

Artists statement

Claes didn't have much to say about it other than where it should be placed in the area. They were originally going to put it in the middle of a bunch of trees then they decided not to. They imagined the saw rising from the ground and being able to see from anywhere. They wanted to make the top red so it was easily seen. They wanted the Western saw to be mysterious to the Japanese people who have never seen it before.

My opinion

I really like this sculpture because it shows great detail for that large of a sculpture. It fits in well with its modern surroundings. I think if a giant looked at it, he would take it out of the ground and go cut something down. He would be very pleased.