Parachute Landing Newsletter

April 2020

A message to our community from our Mayor, Roy McClung

Dear Parachute and Battlement Community,

Our community, our nation, and in fact the entire world is currently facing a crisis that is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Talk of the Coronavirus seems to dominate every conversation and news headline right now, and undoubtedly every single person is affected in some way. While I could go on to tell you about how this is affecting our local community, I do not think there is much I could say that you don’t already know. So instead, I want to take a few moments to let you know of some available resources as well as offer some words of encouragement.

First, the Town of Parachute website and Facebook pages are great places to look for updated information. We welcome any comments or feedback you can offer on how we can help or what services are needed the most, and the Facebook page is a great place to offer help as you are able or to post needs anyone might have. I would encourage everyone to check these pages often as information frequently changes. There are also links to other sites at the County, State and Federal levels that give information that may be useful for things like food and rent assistance, and how to apply for small business grants or loans. The State of Colorado has set up an information hotline to connect you to resources for things such as rent assistance, unemployment, SNAP benefits, medical clinics, transportation, and mental health support. The number for this line is 2-1-1 or you can text your zip code to 898-211. Garfield County also has information available regarding resources throughout our valley. Wherever you get your information, please take the time to make sure it is from a reliable source and be cautious of misinformation or scams that are becoming prolific on social media and other websites. At times like this, bad information can be worse than no information. If you have any questions about anything you have seen or read, please contact Town Hall and our staff will make every effort to provide you with help or information. Even through this pandemic, we are still here to serve you.

In a community like ours, small business is the heartbeat and we are committed to providing as much support to these businesses as possible. The town has implemented a program to help those individuals and businesses that have lost all or some of their income with their utilities (water, sewer, trash). Please contact the Town Hall for information on how we can work with you on the payments until your income is restored. We are also working on some additional ways we can help these businesses impacted by this crisis, so please check back with us regularly as we release new information. There are several ways

that we as a community can show support for these businesses, such as utilizing the take-out and delivery options for food or to purchase gift certificates now for goods or services that can be used later. It is the desire for all of us at the Town of Parachute to keep the community safe, make sure folks are able to return to their jobs as soon as it is safe to do so, and to return the support back to our community that you have shown to us through the years.

Finally, I am encouraged by our community in this time where fear and uncertainty are around every corner. While our community has always been good about taking care of each other, you all have stepped up in an even bigger way. Folks are going out of their way to provide food or other necessities to those who need it. And while the church buildings may be closed, there are record numbers of people flooding the internet to virtually attend the church of their choice. Teachers are going out of their way to help parents and students navigate the sudden switch to on line classes, and the amount of creative ways kids are getting to learn right now is nothing short of amazing. Business owners are finding new ways to serve their customers, many of which will become part of their regular service once things return to normal. Our respect has turned from Hollywood and professional sports to those real heroes keeping our country running – the doctors, nurses, truck drivers, grocery and food workers, and the rest of you in “essential” jobs. I am proud to be a part of this community and I look forward to seeing everyone as we get back to work making us stronger and better than ever. In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.


Roy B. McClung


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Changes to your Town Council

"Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

John Loschke

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John Loschke - A (mostly) good ride

I have been invited to share some thoughts about my involvement with Town of Parachute as Trustee, Mayor and Council member for the last thirty eight years.

Thirty eight years, in my opinion, the best thing that ever happened to Parachute (Grand Valley). Black Sunday is what they (whomever they are) called it. Exxon pulled the plug on its Colony oil shale project was closed leaving thousands out of work. If that would not have happened we would not be the beautiful community that we all have grown to love, protect, and enjoy. Projections for Battlement Mesa ( 25,000) and Parachut (15,000) would have left us looking a lot different today.

My Bride of 37 years Sherry, my rock, best friend, and the mother of our two children Joe and Niki urged me to run for Trustee and take her father Bills place on the Parachute town board. Sherry, Joe and Niki should be appreciated for their patience and understanding.

We saw and learned a lot in those beginning and to this day we are experiencing issues from those "boom" days. We got through and actually thrived with Union Oil ( (Unocal) maintaining its work force and being a good neighbor and contributor.

I have enjoyed serving the community and want to thank all who allowed me to do so. It has been a good ride except for a few bumps. Thanks to the community as a whole for supporting us. Thanks to my fellow Board members and Counselors who I served with.

In closing, I leave with a heavy heart and a little free time. The present Council and Town staff are in good hands. Our Town Manager is the best we have ever had. I would like to thank Stuart, Lucy, Mark, Theresa, Bud, Lorilee, Jeff, Kenny and the rest of the Town Staff for all your efforts in keeping us afloat over the years. Sorry if I left anyone out. I could go on and on but I'll spare you.

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Juanita Williams

I have been so honored to be a member of the Parachute town council for 12 years. Alas! I am term-limited so I have to leave. I am really sad about that, as I have loved serving on the board and watching the exciting changes we have made. My fellow board members and this town staff have been awesome to work with! I care deeply for all of them.

I will still be around however, and will attend the meetings. AND I will continue to serve on the Planning Commission.

I look forward with great anticipation to the future and the continued growth and development of this wonderful little town and the ideas from the new town council members!

Love to all.

Juanita R. Williams

Meet the new faces on your Town Council

Local Business Highlight

In these trying times, we must support our community as much as possible. Here in Parachute, helping our community is our duty, and we do it with a smile. These businesses are not only stores, restaurants and coffee places; they are our neighbors, our teachers, our friends. Lets not forget to SHOP LOCAL.

Parachute Clean up Postponed

Friday, April 17th, 1pm to Saturday, April 18th, 1pm

100 La Plata Circle

Parachute, CO

Due to COVID-19, our community clean up has been postponed. The health and safety of our residents and our staff are our top priority. We are currently working with our partners to reschedule this event and we will keep you all posted as more information becomes available.

Town of Parachute

Please remember that Town Hall is currently closed to the public. Our staff that is able to work remotely is doing so. We are working hard to ensure we are getting you the answers and services you need. For utility and or court fine payments, you may drop off your payment in our drop box located in the front of Town Hall, mail in your payment, or go online to