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April 11 - April 15, 2016

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Week Activities: B Week

How many weeks until summer? The countdown is on - June 3, 2016!

Monday, April 11

-One District, One Book Kick Off - Charlotte's Web

  • Books, bookmarks, and coloring sheet go home today!
  • Encourage everyone to read at home and to follow along our daily questions on Facebook, Twitter, and LivingTree.
  • Chapter 1 will be read by Jason Garrett - Head coach of the Dallas Cowboys! Watch it some time today by clicking here!
  • Chapter 2 will be read at home.
  • Farm animals unit is coming up. Start thinking of activities and ways to connect our book with your lessons! Show them off in the hallway, take pics, etc. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you guys will do!

-OLC Improvement Day

  • Spring cleaning during your regular recess time at the OLC!
  • Help with cleaning, sorting, planting, and organizing materials and supplies.

-Spring Language Testing (English) begins

Tuesday, April 12

-Charlotte's Web - Chapter 3

Wednesday, April 13

-Charlotte's Web - Chapter 4

Thursday, April 14

-Charlotte's Web - Chapter 5

Friday, April 15

-Charlotte's Web - Chapter 6

-Volunteer Luncheon @11:00 AM-12:00 PM in the Cafeteria

-End of the 5th Six Weeks (Grades due 04/18)

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 18 - Grades Due @8 AM
  • April 19 - Gaby's Baby Shower
  • April 20 - TA Tech Training
  • April 20 - Staff Meeting
  • April 21 - Children's Program: Escobedo & Shepherd-Keys
  • April 25 - Report cards go home
  • April 26 - Math Night

Password Change

It's that time again!

If you have not received an email to change your password, you will receive one very soon. Please remember to do this as soon as possible by:

  • Log in to your computer
  • While it's on, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE
  • Click on Change Password
  • Type in current password, then type in new password


From Jennifer Dickson:

  • Shout Out to our AWESOME Office Staff for being so welcoming and professional to our prospective new families during enrollment this week! You make Pierce look awesome! Great job!
  • Shout Out to our Leadership Team who had great things to share and are open to new ideas!
  • Shout Out to our staff for supporting our new Monday Attendance Initiative! #EveryPandaEveryDay
  • We were Attendance Trophy winners this week for the 5th straight week!
  • We earned $273.00 for our Student Activities fund this month from $1 Dress Day. Great job!
  • Thanks for all the TAs for their help with Enrollment and for the teachers who welcomed Guest Educators in their classes on Monday & Tuesday this week.
  • In my 18 years of Education, this is the most POSITIVE staff I’ve ever worked with. You are awesome! I love getting out of bed each day and coming to school. Thanks for making Pierce a great place for our students and a great place for our staff!
  • I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

From Karen Nichols:

  • To all the people who helped with registration Monday and Tuesday-and especially to Ms. Segovia-thanks for always going the extra step and helping me with a smile.
  • To Nettie for silently “filling” an need. :)

From Maria Coronado:

  • Shout out to Sylvia for making a beautiful poster for the Special Olympics shirts. You are so creative. Thank for you always helping me!
  • Shout out to all of the staff members that helped during registration in the cafeteria. You guys kept everything running smoothly.
  • To Nettie, Sylvia and Zandra, you guys are doing an amazing job helping parents. I don’t know how ya’ll keep it together when it’s so hectic in the front office! Ya’ll are the best.
  • Last but not least, shout out to our wonderful Principal! Jen, I love you and thank you for always taking care of me. You are not only my boss but you are a great friend to me, always there when I am in need of a good laugh or just someone to talk to. Thank you!
  • Happy Friday, pandas! Hope everyone has a good weekend

From Marisol Mercado:

  • To Gaby for watching my class this week while Mrs. Ramos had traffic duty! BIG THANK YOU!!

From Kahleen Escobedo:

  • From Kathleen Escobedo, I want to express my gratitude to Michelle for laughing at my corny jokes, to Nettie for her confident answers, to Slyvia, for her shy smiles, to Marcela for her Superwoman attitude, to Lupe for her seriousness in this world who makes me work hard to make her smile - but so worth the effort, to Karen who doesn’t even flinch with whatever situation I throw at her and to Maria whose tracking skills are always tempered with a smile when she finds you.

From Michelle Aquino:

  • Shoutout to Ms. Dickson for the treats at our Leadership Meeting!
  • To Karen for taking care of announcements when a break was very much needed!
  • To Maria for taking care of the Special Olympics. Everything looks great!
  • To Ms. Horn and her kiddos for the beautiful Thank You cards!
  • To Ms. Shepherd-Keys for the sweet little card left on my desk last week!
  • To Ms. Luna for always showing your love! :)