A Christmas Carol

A winter time story

The play

You should go to the play a Christmas Carol because it is incredible and mystic. For example it is mystic because there is a trap door that smoke shoots out in front of so you can't see it rise and lower. Further it is incredible because in the play Scrooges house can move around on the stage. Meanwhile there is a zip line that the ghosts can go on to make it look like they are flying. In conclusion you should watch the play a Christmas Carol because it is amazing and intriguing.


Scrooge had to sacrifice money for happiness but I think that it was good for him to do so. because he is old and going to die soon and he has no friends so who will get his money?

I have to sacrifice my time for my family. If my dad wants to each a move I'll stop playing on the Xbox or in my room to watch it with him.