Water Shortages in Southwest Asia

What are the effects?

About the Shortages:

The water shortages in South West Asia are very high. They have the largest region of persistent drought over the last 3 years anywhere in the world. Water availability is declining 1.6% per year. One effect of the shortages is that farmers aren't able to grow their crops without the correct amount of water to nourish them. This can cause food shortages as well. Another effect is that countries are fighting over rivers so they can have a reliable source of water only for themselves, this causes major conflicts and fighting between the countries. The low water levels make it difficult to use boats to go fishing or travel. Another major effect many people look past is that animals are unable to get water from their sources such as lakes, creeks, rivers,etc. This can decrease animal populations which can cause another type of food shortage. The major water shortages in South West Asia are effecting many lives and is becoming a bigger problem throughout the years.
Brooke Carroll