Fresh Water Pollution

By Mr Daniel R. Whalen, and thankfully without Mr. Tillery

The types of water pollution

There are seven different types of water pollution, surface water pollution, ground water, oxygen depleting, nutrients, chemical, suspended matter, and microbiological. Surface Pollution happens when a hazardous material comes into contact. Ground water occurs when pesticide from the soil. Oxygen depleting is caused by anaerobic microorganisms they produce harmful toxics like ammonia and sulfides. Nutrients occurs in wastewater and fertilizers and can cause weed and algae growth. Chemical is caused by industrial and agriculture work that use chemicals and can run of into water sources. Suspended matter is toxic chemicals that have bigger molecules than water and usually sink to the bottom. Microbiological is a natural form of water pollution caused by microorganisms.

Sources of water pollution.

The nine sources of water pollution is sewage and wastewater, marine dumping, industrial waste, radioactive waste, oil pollution, underground storage leakages, atmospheric deposition, global warming, and eutrophication. sewage and wastewater