Bathe Twice A Day

By Reagan and Roni

Official and Unofficial Rules

Official: Use shampoo, soap, scrub, if your not in your home shower wear shower shoes,

Unofficial: Shave, use a washcloth, don't pee in the shower


In 2,000 BCE a form of soap was made

The Greeks invented a form of shower which sprayed bathers with water

Most Greeks at this time washing a bowl on a pedestal called a louterion. People would rub themselves with olive oil then rub It off with a tool called strigil.

Many ancient groups such as Egyptians, Greeks and romans understood the importance of being clean.

In the 17th century toothbrushes were introduced and people began to make scented soaps.

IN 1767 ENGLISHMAN WILLIAM FEETHAM INVENTED THE FIRST MODERN SHOWER. They were a series of metal pipes and a curtain around it

Middle class homes did not begin to have bathrooms in them until the mid-19th century.

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People today feel morally and physically obligated to shower daily. This can be considered a way to stay clean and you wont smell. What people dont consider is that you may not need to shower daily to be clean. Depending on what you do that day effects whether you need to shower. Showering every other day though is needed to maintain personal hygiene.

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