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August 11, 2022

South Dakota State Library Database Statistics for Fiscal Year 2022

For fiscal year 2022 (FY21) July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, we saw a dip in overall database usage as numbers leveled back out from the previous year’s record high usage. It is important to note that not all databases have the option to report user “sessions.” Most report “views,” some only report “sessions,” and some report both “views” and “sessions.”

south dakota public libraries data digest database statistics f y 2022

Fiscal Year 2022 Electronic Resources Views: 4,354,756

  • Fiscal Year 2021: 4,418,689
  • Fiscal Year 2020: 3,674,507

Fiscal Year 2022 Electronic Resources Sessions: 1,396,521

  • Fiscal Year 2021: 2,401,185
  • Fiscal Year 2020: 1,507,498

Top 5 Most Used databases from FY22

  • BookFlix: 1,666,275 views
  • World Book Suite: 1,290,666 views (123,316 individual sessions)
  • SIRS Issues Researcher: 289,143 views
  • ProQuest Research Library: 191,084 retrievals
  • SDBOR: 156,008 views (490,858 individual sessions)

Databases with the largest increase in user sessions from FY21 to FY22

  • Ancestry Library Edition: 23%
  • SDBOR: 20%
  • Culture Grams: 15%

Databases with the largest increase in views from FY21 to FY22

  • Books and Authors: 32%
  • Gale eBooks: 29%
  • Learning Express Library: 20%

The South Dakota State Library subscribes to a variety of general and subject-based online databases with statewide access. A complete listing of these databases can be found at

Online Outreach and Social Media Webinar

Cheyenne Chontos, SDSL Library Technology Coordinator, will be offering the webinar “Online Outreach and Social Media" on Monday, August 22 at 4pm CT and Thursday, August 25 at 10am CT. The webinar will provide librarians, library staff, and trustees with practical tips for creating engaging social media and online outreach strategies.

This hour-long webinar will provide an overview of popular social media platforms, how to build a positive online presence, the importance of having a library website, and how to craft a social media plan for your library. The webinar will include participant interaction and practice, along with time for Q&A.

Participants must register to attend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cheyenne Chontos, Library Technology Coordinator, at

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